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evaluation CCID

evaluation CCID professional companies as evaluation by a third party, products tested each year more than 1000 models, these products come from government and industry users to test the selection, evaluation, testing system testing and acceptance and other major suppliers to send. To ensure the test results of scientific assessment and equitable CCID and national research institutes and foreign professional standards testing equipment manufacturers test launched a cooperation étroite.Ainsi, test specifications to ensure compliance with national and international standards, it has been a leader in the world-class test is still alive.

In 2004, CCID evaluation has launched a firewall, NIDS and projector products such as the annual White Paper, society, industry and users have had an enormous influence, has received considerable attention louange.Afin and better assessment results CCID experience and product testing to demonstrate to the average user, the evaluation CCID recently released “2005 White Paper on China’s online consumer products “covers desktops, laptops, projectors, printers, servers, switches, routers, firewalls, IDS nine products, the following is displayed on the White Paper on the part of some performance data product details s’ Please refer to the corresponding section blank.


Status of server performance 2005

server performance is central to the server, the user can accurately understand the performance of a server for server users atteindre.CCID difficult to test server performance evaluation on the performance of Mainline system performance and system performance composition.Les main processor, memory, file system, consider the three aspects, while the performance of the network load across the Spirent test tools Avalanche2500 performance layer application server. Spirent Communications is a worldwide supplier of test equipment, the leading provider of networking technology for next generation integrated performance analysis and service assurance systems of systèmes.Chambre test can be simulated by the real environment to help users accelerate the development of network equipment and the deployment of the AU Su Shi Tong Ye-end network performance for large Tigongyouli protection.

Avalanche2500 is a professional test equipment load, simulating the network layer and application performance testing tool for the first product, it can produce real and drainage data users to simulate thousands of users on the server by measuring the pressure test to ensure essaiData is a real network environment are to fully meet the needs of performance testing network server actuel.Dans actual performance tests, some products have done well, as the Dell 2850 server dual-core in terms full load test, network performance than not only close to the limit Gigabit and file size of the test under different stability was also impressive, Lenovo R520 test results of system performance is excellent and the highest level in the group.


state performance of the laptop 2005

CCID evaluation in 2005, tested nearly a hundred on each portable consumer Cancechanpin conducted rigorous testing and application of positioning according to each parameter of the test machine were grouped into one type of professional , facilementde commercial, multi-media entertainment, popular and lightweight portable application type, including professional and business-like laptop DELL Latitude D610 extraordinary overall performance, easy type of business DELL Latitude D410 laptop with the latest Sonoma platform, the performance of all intégréstrès good; multimedia entertainment in widescreen portable design Compal FY70, entertainment, and good overall performance, type of universal application in the Compal C/56 overall performance excellent, cost higher.


Performance Status Switch 2005

CCID evaluation will test the switch are divided into two categories, namely, four seven-layer switches and switches for different categories using different test methods.

second floor, switching performance tests include: flow (everywhere), the delay (latency), the packet loss rate (frame loss rate), while for four to seven switches to CCID Evaluation of prostitution in the simulation test at the highest avancéInstrument Avalancah related functions and testing network performance can now consider the performance of the network application layer key indicators developed a four to seven program testing network performance, specific indicators, including connection speed and throughput.


2005 Status

desktop PC performance

performance is the product of the fundamental, if not sufficient to meet the performance needs of the real user, even if the appearance of beautiful shape, fashion, and can not be “fair, without and scale within “, the user will eventually not be reconnu.Mais for the average consumer, the actual performance of a desktop product how, in the case of unused products can not know, do can not distinguish the authenticity of the propaganda business. To do this, the evaluation standards CCID unified, measured in 2005 about 70 main products have been fully tested.

CCID evaluation by the positioning of the product, the machine is divided into groups of high-end business, business groups, educational groups, Internet groups, upscale consumer groups and the group ordinaires.Les household clusters in the high-end M6400 and the opening day Lenovo Young days if M5700C configuration, or general overall performance is good for high-end applications for business users . consumer group upscale and Lenovo King2005 online Tianjiao S6000X configured upscale, has good games and video playback capabilities, all aspects of test performance excellence.


Performance Summary projector 2005

performance projector is the general direction of users projector, but to really understand the performance of projectors, consumers with him difficult to réaliser.Tout First, many projector manufacturers, various vendors measure against criteria different between different brands hardly comparable, on the other hand, the subjective feeling of users is difficult to rank the projector with the different categories of the opposition 11 and chaquemodèles projection projector meet different users increased more difficulty measure the performance of unilateral projecteur.description dealer is even more difficult to win the trust of the people, its performance can not be used to make judgments précis.tests objectives and evaluation CCID with a professional testing environment, the test equipment, and test engineer team, and in accordance with ANSI / NAPM IT7.228 uniform test methods and performance for customers, while remaining functional projection real, and the environnementplusieurs aspects of adaptability to a full test, the user can access a more complete understanding of the functions of the projector and the performance situation.Test, we found that compared the performance of the product in circulation Toshiba.

Performance Status of the printer 2005

performance of the printer in the print speed and print quality, print speed is easier to measure, determine the print quality of more complex, non-professionals is difficult to déterminer.imprimantes laser speed can reach the nominal value of the basic test, while inkjet printers are much easier to access, and print quality, performance between the different products vary widely.

2005 Status router performance

direct impact on router performance using actual user, the wrong choice can lead to network congestion router or even fail, then CCID evaluation of throughput, packet loss and delays and several, and the practical application of the most étroitementindicateurs launch a rigorous test, and wireless routers, the focus has been testing debit processing speed and response time, etc..


NIDS performance status in 2005

Network performance products manufacturers and users has been very concerned about the same time, intrusion detection products for measuring key indicators of good and mal.Bien products that intrusion detection in the network topology in the bypass status will not affect the throughput of the entire network and normal communication, but as a detection system, the performance of the NIDS system is mainly reflected in the test segment is responsible for all packets donnéessaisie and analysis level, as evidenced by the captured packets per second and the maximum processing capacity and stability of the capture paquets.produits intrusion detection should have a good performance for s ensure that the attack of high intensity or high flow can be detected correctement.Pour deployment and application of assessment NIDS NIDS products CCID more control test single port while monitoring performance NIDS opening mouth, when both were tested.

NIDS layer for Gigabit performance tests using UDP and TCP are two pressures background différente.Quand the bottom with 64-byte UDP data packet length, the pressure has reached 25%, 10 models all detection rate product NIDS can reach 100% in 50% of the bandwidth of the background pressure, have six product can achieve 100% detection rate, 99% of the bandwidth of the background pressure, the Green League and Venus in the detection rate of U.S. was 100% détection.Lorsque the data using UDP packets 594 bytes, the detection rate of NIDS product has greatly improved the seven products 100% détection.En exercising TCP background pressure, the products showed the level of background UDP pressure less the same.


monitoring the time pressure of 25% in the 64 bytes of seven products in the detection rate of 100% to 75% and 99% of the pressure, the joint detection of 100% of the green Society, showing a strong performance.99% 594 bytes pressure of seven products retain 100% detection, marking Gigabit performance NIDS, a larger increase than last year, the mature product.

HTTP stress tests in the background, 750Mbps eight models under their pressure capability of detection of 100%, the pressure in the 990 Mbits / s, Cisco, Venus and the Green League in the United States remained 100% detection.

Test Port Monitor Pressure 750Mbps, Cisco Green League and the United States remained 100% detection, 990 Mbit / s under the pressure of the Green League in the United States remained 100% detection . pressure in the 750,000 simultaneous connections, there are nine products 100% over one million concurrent connections under pressure, as well as 100% of eight products.


Performance Status firewall

firewall product is isolated from the internal network and external network defense system to protect the internal network against intrusions illégales.Comme the firewall to the network structure of data link performance will directly affect the flow capacity of the network has a good network performance and application performance products firewall is to ensure that users communicate appropriately, a prerequisite to avoid bottlenecks réseau.CCID assessment test performance firewall, now divided into two parts, namely, the network layer and application layer performance tests at different levels to help users and providers understand the current situation of product performance firewall.

performance testing of the network layer, the evaluation CCID security firewall, anti-attack, throughput, delay, packet loss rate of a detailed test, the throughput for products firewall, delays in testing, we chose three different access fashioned (routed, transparent NAT) have been provided by 64,128,256,512,1024,1280,1518 RFC2544 packet frame length as the tests test delay, the higher the thread selected vitesse20%, 40%, 60% of the three cases examined, thorough and complete evaluation of the performance of network layer firewall.

performance testing the application layer, the evaluation of the use of advanced simulation equipment CCID 2500 Avalunche simulate the real background traffic, modes of access products in different firewall the largest number of new users, the maximum number of concurrent users, response time and transmissiontest HTTP network bandwidth, integrated firewall application layer inspection performance.

quick test of different manufacturers and products Gigabit Firewall, we find:

Days of Han Qing Ma 600 Mbps firewall, network Lenovo Super V 7308 Royal Gigabit Firewall NP are advanced architecture, the network layer packet processing performance is very good, fast and their relative environmental Gigabit pourpetite size image (64BYTE) packet wire-speed processing were achieved, reflecting the benefit of its architecture pointe.En addition, the structure of the NP in two different application firewall is also based on their different characteristics, days Qing Han Ma 600 integrated firewall, VPN, AV, IPS, Netflow traffic statistics analysis, redundant backup, AAA authentication and billing, and many other fonctionnalitésavec control access to fine-grained monitoring of the status and adaptive control of the security features of net domaine.Lenovo Super V 7308 Royal mechanism with quick access and parallel processing system, the network layer and processing layer application and other properties are very new and powerful, suitable for medium and large enterprises, industry, the core networks.


firewall x86 architecture, there are performances of leading products, 100 million Internet police yang fire BOCO.pare SFW-3000-P based on the test of State, which work perfectly, using a dedicated operating system platform of basic security, the configuration management interface is simple and practical, but also improve the security of the firewall itself The rapid environmental, processing data paquetsplus excellent performance, high stability, to meet carrier-class application environment of rapid besoins.Nandasoft Softwall 4000 using a firewall visual layer policy security configuration, policy-based filtering mechanism for the gradient of the tree, complete advanced security features, access control, high fine in the overall performance of the firewall architecture platform x86excellent.La Security Platform based on high-speed stability, reinforced by the operating system by special security, safety and reliability élevées.West Anan technology Zhi AngellPRO 4000 platform security firewall based on stability High speed, security and stability, and good performance, the system firewall filter basic functions, but also to achieve a passthrough proxy, firewall compatible with packet filtering and application niveauexigences in security techniques, the product has a firewall, in addition to access control functions, also IDS, VPN modules.

outside their firewall products with different characteristics, which NetScreen ISG 2000 firewall, using high-performance ASIC chip parallel processing and multi-bus chip ASIC and high performance CPU will combined with the design of the board with an integrated approach modulaireune first class Deep Inspection Firewall, VPN, and DoS protection solution that uses proprietary operating system, flexible configuration, management and sophisticated, and have a good safety and stability, while the protection of the application layer, the protective layer of the network and management of treatment parallèlespuissance.

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