22-year-old CEO of software company: fix a multitude of contacts

22-year-old Liu Yuxi pretty girl just graduated from college a year now, she has students in Chengdu circle to create impressive business performance: It started from senior management software company has a team of exceptional technique and étrangerdes executives, but also to gain a marketing company.

Keep a short hair

Liu Yuxi was born into a single parent family, school, his mother saw a person to study hard to keep their grain reserves, struggling to make money, after was admitted to the university was determined to share these concerns for mère.L summer of 2002, she was admitted to the Chengdu University of Information Engineering Information Management and Information System.

half look awesome, took first place in math competition for students of Liu Yuxi was invited to open a conference: “It has been the scene of at least 300 people. I also very much involved. Do not think we finished a discount not, students classésde team me. “Liu Yuxi said, wait until the last student finished the question, his voice hoarse.

Some people say: “How many contacts, there are a lot of wealth.” Talk to the man of Liu Yuxi became a college and also met a lot of friends. “enthusiasm, sincerity, “All those who knew her for her évaluation.Ce authentic, as she was dealing with business partners to bring lots of possibilités.Il there was a great sense of its customers, said:” I’ve been doing business since more than 30 years, this is the first time met anyone so sincere. “

Returning to this

Shehong Chengdu, Liu Yuxi felt the thick atmosphere of the company. “I started to germinate when sophomore ideas for small businesses.” Recalled his first money earned, she said with enthusiasm: “At the time, I spent a week doing someone else’s page, click won 200 dollars!” This pot of gold gave him great encouragement.

Liu Yuxi, said that after she left hand to start with different campus organizations are small businesses, but also help colleges and teachers to pages web.Elle also a small business, personal relationships are gradually opening to développer.Résumer their own path, Liu Yuxi that college students are now very confused, even if there are ideas, but most suffer from lack of funds and technology. ” I was in college his greatest achievement was found in value, and met a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to fight against. She said.

Although Liu Yuxi

​​graduate one year tender smile a trace of her mouth, but she is a founder and CEO of two sociétés.Junior next semester, Liu Yuxi started with a business plan in hand, consciously develop their own technical team and marketing team, and establishing a central figure in the team. In this way, relying on their own small business in the capital and more capital, the first company constituée.Cependant, problems in the management team, the company less than a year mourir.D an inability to grow rapidly, Liu Yuxi and other SMEs to improve the exchange of knowledge and I learned a lot from management.

last year in June, Liu Yuxi and several of his friends founded an information technology Co., Ltd, the main service of the company is developing software virtual display and marketing . Learn from the experience of defeat, this time from the beginning to the left of the management of small and medium enterprises standardisée.Maintenant how she managed to become the Chengdu Housing Society is one of three technology partners, the company began a profit.

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