25 strategies for success in Twitter

The popular information network in real time Twitter is an important communication tool, which if used properly, can give you many advantages for your business or your career. But everything depends on the success you have in this social platform, ie if you get followers that interest your publications or if you become an influential person in the network. So in Webespacio we bring a list of strategies that can be applied to achieve a successful presence in the short message network.

List of tips to have a presence and be influential on Twitter:

  1. Use hashtags in your posts: A hashtag (example: # SocialMedia) is a key word or words that refer to a topic.Often in the microblog network and usage increases visibility in the social platform to be consistent as a major theme cause more traffic to your account. A tag or hashtag is well received by the twitter and usually are retweeted by followers since its purpose is to gather opinions on the same subject. Choose keywords for your creation. Hint: Use the first highly specialized sources for inclusion a hashtag.
  2. Put specialized sources: Thousands of post are written daily, but few are inside a link. The link gives a bonus to the tweets, because it gives people more confidence. Companies serious, always show a link in your tweet.
  3. Invite acquaintances to visit your Twitter account: Ask if the people in your immediate surroundings have social network account, find who already has one and encourage them to share your account with other users.Alternatively, send an email to your friends, person-workers, customers, suppliers informing you that you are now on the network.
  4. Send emails to your contacts: Enjoy the huge list of friends, relatives and acquaintances with the accounts.Send an email to everyone and let them know that you have joined Twitter and invite them to follow you. For this type of action is recommended that messages be customized because nobody likes that send you chain so it is advisable to send messages or BCC BCC.
  5. Use other social networks to spread on your account: If you are part of a social group or participate in forums always make use of that resource to spread your Twitter account. You can also broadcast your account on other social networks. Take advantage of all the social platforms and start having followers. For example if you have a blog, then make the invitation on that platform.
  6. Compose a good tweet: Every content you compose must have a reason. Do not write the first thing that occurs to you, because if you want more people to follow you on Twitter then you have to provide information that is different from the thousands of tweets that are written daily. Among many messages must emphasize yours because it could help you grow your circle and you will soon see a big influence on that social network.Remember to tweets of high quality and interesting to your followers and prospects.
  7. Put your Twitter account on your business stationery: So your customers will have the option of visiting your account. You can put your own way of watermark in newsletters, posters, flyers, business cards, etc..
  8. Add your Twitter account in your email: One thing you can do is add in the email you send your Twitter account.Add a personal touch to microblog icon to start part of the style of your brand.
  9. Click “Follow Friday”: This action is a tradition at the blue bird netting. Friday is to recommend an account. If you do a “Follow Friday” chances are you receive the graces of the twitterer and end following your account.Something much better is this person the next time you do a “Follow Friday”, which is good because it is an opportunity for others to see you. If you make a recommendation, it is an account that really worthwhile.
  10. Recommends activities: Reports of activities of interest to your followers. According to the characteristics of users who follow you choose activities you will share. Leave aside for the virtual world. You can submit activities such as conferences, lectures, forums, courses, among others. If not hesitate twitteas interesting things to gain more followers. After sending the invitation please encourage your followers to comment on the event. So everything will be more productive.
  11. Pay attention to the important facts: He is always aware of important news and share in your profile. If you need to choose the right news then have many retweets your message, which is good. Whenever you share something reports because you might be the first to do so. So your fans, next time, will go against your account and no other to be aware of the most important.
  12. Always have presence: At least once a day you have to make tweets and enter to see what your users do, what they say, etc.. To ensure that your tweets are seen better post it at the time that users have more activity. Look what you have posted time and you had better response from your followers. The more times you enter the social network will be much better because you can keep track of what happens in it. Remember that you do not mean many tweets that makes you more popular. Tweet as often as you can but try not to overwhelm others with your posts because many do not like the idea, unless the tweets is very good.
  13. Allows retweet: If you want to share your messages each time you write a tweet then leaves room to do so.Because there is a limit of 140 characters is recommended to shorten the links are shared, because for retweeting the message can be up to 120 characters.
  14. Propon topics of interest: While often share other messages (retweet), when you can make your own posts. To host choose interesting topics and collect feedback on the issue. This will cause interaction between the fans and you. Remember that the faster the better answer tweets conversation for so not cool. Always express their views and invite others to do the same and to know what other people think about a subject can be beneficial
  15. For especially thank: If someone mentions you, or do you recommend a comment thank him for his answers.Some you mentioned and it will help you visualize more on Twitter. You can also make a new ally in the network.
  16. Capture the attention of users: You mentioned that you write tweets have to be interesting, but how to make them attractive to users so they read? To ensure this is to capture the attention with a good tweet. For that to happen include links, images, pictures, and videos to supplement the information you want to present.
  17. Do not follow anyone: Following someone on Twitter is usual. The detail is that you should not follow anyone so choose who you should follow. Do not make the mistake of following everyone much guarantee it is not for people interested in becoming his followers. Not everyone in the social platform share interesting and relevant information. That is why it is appropriate for those who have decided to follow a profile that has weight, because many see others who follow. Each has the discretion to decide which way to go. In this case we could make mention of a saying that fits with what we mentioned: “Tell me who you follow and tell you who you are.”
  18. They not only sell your message: This error is you comment many companies. It is true that social networks are used to advertise the brand but should not be exaggerated. It is recommended that one of every ten posts allude to any sales you may have. All other messages can be related or in any case if you are concerned that this advertising is not intrusive or as followers but you will. Compared with real life is like someone always talk about himself at first but then it could be interesting if it is interesting what you say tired.
  19. Make them feel important to your followers: Share with them only events or exclusive information. Do you feel you are the first to know about everything. In the case of a company, the use of gifts or special promotions can help a lot to have the fans happy.
  20. Monitor your account activity: Make monitoring your account for you to evaluate whether the strategy that you are carrying out is turning or is it better to change course and seek alternatives. Find out what tools can help you see the statistics of your account. There are products certified by Twitter to help you keep your account activity.
  21. Check other accounts: If you’re just starting out is good for walking around other profiles to see how they work.That will help give you an idea of how to operate an account, post what types of generating greater user participation. If we talk about a company, we should mention the competition. The more you know about it you can ask better strategies to overcome it.
  22. Make lists: So you can group your followers to differentiate the type of information they share. By doing this you can find information faster and make your favorite playlists to share with your followers
  23. Take advantage of technology: mobile phones are preferred for applications such as Twitter and more and more people have one. In the spare time or while waiting people make use of the Internet for accessing social networks. These devices faster interaction between users, so it must be seized. For example, companies can make good use of it.
  24. Create your reputation: Many accounts are created daily on Twitter but not worth all follow. The idea is to make your social network account that you are not part of the heap. Each tweet you write has to be quality, so you will form your own reputation among users. While the contents are good to share your account will look more professional and so no users hesitate to follow or recommend. You will see that your followers will increase rapidly.
  25. I follow you because you do: As you begin to have more followers, they will be increasing their own. It’s hard at first but do not worry because the important thing is that you be persistent and always keeping it clear what you want to do. Do not fall into despair of following around the world, as we have already mentioned. Other things you should not do for the world is to follow those who follow you. Usual but the truth is it is not recommended for those people but will become part of your network, you will most likely not be interested in you. While you’ll have many followers fooling yourself by them will not follow your comments, do not recommend you let alone read.That’s not the idea, for your Twitter community has to be as active as possible and should not rest on its laurels.

Advice and tips

  • When you try to do a retweet unused retweet function on Twitter, but copy and péequelo, so you have more visibility your name. Do not forget to write to the RT message and the user’s address.
  • To send private tweets only to a particular group of followers use grouptweet.com
  • Get to know your followers refollow.com , as it will help you to discover, manage and protect your Twitter social circle.
  • If you want to have your own newspaper on Twitter, you can do tweetedtimes.com where you draw a journal from your contacts’ tweets on Twitter.
  • Organize your Twitter lists much easier and faster with Twitlistmanager.com
  • Use Twitter lists is, without doubt, the best way to solve the problem of not miss anything important in your timeline when you have little time. The problem is to create and organize lists the Twitter web interface and most mobile clients is frankly cumbersome to work with lists.
  • Twitter is extremely sensitive to the schedules, the difference between sending a tweet at a bad time and a good one can influence that of having no one read or have dozens of them.
  • You can post from Twitter to Facebook and vice versa. If you do that often many of your Facebook users since end up following your tweets


There are many strategies that lead to success in Twitter but most people are unaware. But they do not know is that you can take advantage of this platform to be a social space that site. To achieve this will require a lot of effort and patience because the results are not reflected in a couple of days. So do not despair if after a month does not have many followers because everything is being built gradually. Also, it is recommended to be aware of everything that has to do with Twitter because there is always something new to learn to be social network and will serve to improve the management of our own.

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