51.com users behind the scenes exposed rainbow QQ

Reporter learned yesterday

Tencent, the company screen plug-in based on illegal software was boycotted features include “display user IP address”, “Display the user is invisible,” and so suite.Certains Internet users believe that the movement to intensify the arc QQ taken, but someone broke the news in the forum, said the Rainbow QQ is not prompted 51.com.

external parasites illegal on the official version of the software in general terms on Tencent QQ masters products, software QQ users real-time monitoring can connect a variety of online activities, friends of friends lists , personal accounts, passwords and other private information can be obtained illégalementmanipulateur can also take the opportunity to start viral marketing.

“rainbow QQ” the software is now one of the most active QQ plug, it will become a key target for Tencent.Il is understood that, as the Rainbow QQ developed the “View IP address User “to show the user whether the stealth function” suspected exposure to the privacy of users, Tencent has been shielding.

recently, a “rainbow QQ Pang East real boss” of the post in the forum of great concern that the Internet in the Washington Post, “the company owned Rainbow called” Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Rainbow “responsible person” Pang Ching “. It is said that Pang Pang Ching and parents in the East, while Pang East 51.com is the person in charge. “

insiders familiar with the situation told the press revealed that QQ rainbow last two weeks, a new version, this new version will be delivered 51.com functions of activities promotion.Forum also called insiders broke the news said that Tencent has recently switched to 51.com collective reason to continue the 15 employees, it is because they changed the programmers and the development of plug-QQ.

Tencent QQ for journalists Security Department informed the Rainbow QQ users who manipulate the computer to send a large number of packets, the worm is very similar to the behavior and serious harm to the normal exchange between QQ users, therefore, “Tencent has taken a means of ongoing investigations technologiquesconfinement scale are also to ensure the safety of users of communications. “

Yesterday, rumors online “51.com is a rainbow behind the QQ,” The reporter called Tencent, Tencent side, but stated that “unconfirmed rumors for no comment,” but Tencent effect admitted the use of protection technologiemoyens illegal QQ plugin version.

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