7 marketing strategies to retain customers on Facebook

When we talk about social media, the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook. And this is one of platforms currently used by the users, which is why most companies use this tool to reach your target audience.

However, having a Facebook account guarantees nothing. Only the constant updating and feedback regeneremos with the public is a sign that our product is positioned in the minds of consumers. The latter is related to the marketing strategy we use.

 customer loyalty facebook

will be explained some marketing strategies that may be helpful:

1. Generate mouth communication – ear

This happens when the company delivers quality and usefulness of the service that takes the audience to recommend the product because it has been satisfied, thus causing the need to share the experience.

2. Viral Communication


impacting photographs or videos so that users share the message.

3. Generate useful information

content that is shared on the wall of the company has to be useful and interesting. Only this will ensure that users want to share it within their immediate environment. Sometimes it is good to ask users to the type of content they want to find on the page.

4. Give personality to the brand

people feel that the product has specific characteristics. This ranges from the design of the fan page, the style of photography and videos that are shared to the language with which he responds to users.

5. Contests:

Such actions

causes people to talk about our product. Sometimes, it asks users to share a video or a photo with all your contacts. Is awarded to the person who has shared the message with a higher number of contacts.

6. Promotions:

product promotions can lead to the target audience is constantly reviewing the Facebook brand. This also can give promotions or discounts to people during the week have had more interaction on the fan page.

7. Feedback:

make the user feel that is read and that your comments are important is one of the guarantees to become a faithful user. That is why we respond as soon as possible in case they may have or thank so favorable comments regarding the product, since the interaction on Facebook is extremely important.
Here are some strategies that should be taken into account and which certainly derive other, however, I believe that these are the main ones. Finally, it is pertinent to note that one should not forget that people who enter the social network Facebook have a single purpose: socialize .

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