95% of companies ban QQ instant messaging and highly respected

This reporter recently learned how to enter the “Golden nine silver 10” since the marketing year, QQ users to transfer documents, spreadsheets, images, documents and other data compression to achieve the number of daily traffic on Gigabit, up 80%. The latest report published recently Tencent QQ enterprise applications through the level of network activity to show that many users of instant messaging as a business tool business in general.

QQ has been in the past that young people in fashion, personal fear, “chatting”, once the trade rumors of its businesses many disabled. In fact, with the rapid growth of QQ groups of users (more than 340 million active accounts), had QQ and fixed, mobile phones, are the largest of the three major communication tool. This reporter has learned that “the lifting of the ban QQ” has become the communication needs of enterprises to adapt to the work of a choice.

Statistics show that the use of frequencies, QQ using the ratio as high as 91.8%, by telephone (89%) and fixed telephony (84.3%). 15 domestic and foreign companies through random sampling, journalists found that over 95% of company employees are free to use QQ as a desktop tool.

more communication needs, companies have raised QQ, there are business and corporate security are two major factors. Authority, research firm IDC said in a research report even said that the next generation of employees undertaken at the request of the IM networks and social are very strong, disable instant messaging and social networking companies will not be able to retain talent. IDC also predicts that the second half of 2010, instant messaging will exceed e-mail as a means of communication preferred.

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