Activating the Administrator account in Windows 7/8

You want to activate the Administrator of Windows 7? This allows to perform operations only reserved to the Administrator of Windows 7.

Proceed with the activation of the Administrator mode in Windows 7 is an operation which must be realized after installing Windows 7, since this mode is initially disabled for security reasons obvious …

To do this, follow these steps in Windows 7:

  1. Open the menu ” Start “and find” Administrative Tools “in the search field immediately,
  2. Once this window opens, choose “Local Security Policy”
  3. In the right list that appears, look for the option “Accounts: Administrator account status”
  4. Click on this option, then Check the box that enables an administrator account and then confirm it all,

Now the Administrator account is now permanently switched on and you will not receive alerts constantly asks you to allow an administrator to perform a particular operation … which in the long run is a bit stubborn.

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