Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 beta new features and comment

Adobe Adobe Production Studio for their products, has released a major version. In this opinion, this article will list the new version of Premiere Pro 2.0. The article not only shows that Premiere Pro 2 new features greatly enhance the performance, but also putting special emphasis on the new interface and integration capacity – new production tools at a Studio Integration flawless, it is, after industry, no other tool package are available. The article also explored the use of nested sequences of edit mode new multi-camera, and many other new features.

Firstly, the “horse” has disappeared
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, users first noticed that Premiere was accompanied in the horse is gone. In fact, Premiere Pro was used as a glass that looks like the same evolved significantly since the tray icon of cinema.

Premiere Pro 1.5 and before the splash screen

Open a new Premiere Pro 2.0 projects or existing project Preimiere, you will see an interface panel completely refurbished anchored. More new styles, Premiere Pro also features a resizable panel. When a change in the size of the panel near the other panel will be resized. Speaking of appearance, many new features will allow the software to new users and old users happy.

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 New logo


hidden in Premiere Pro 2.0 under the new appearance of a number of different characteristics.

Figure 1: Premiere Pro 2.0 New interface

Second, the method of multi-camera editing (Multi-CAM)
Premiere Pro 2.0 may be the most important new features is that not support third-party plug-ins can be up four different video sources for multi-camera video editing. Premiere Pro is equipped with a new multi-camera allows users to use shortcut keys 0,1,2,3 and 4 quick edit or cut 0 for recording digital 1-4 represent the different camera angles. In most cases, when using multi-camera work, the publisher is willing to use a single track, but by default, Premiere Pro using a perspective camera audio track. However, the parameters can be modified so that the video and audio tracks can be muted.

Premiere features multi-camera Another important element is that it uses nested sequences to create a different cut, which means that you do not need to clip in a different mode. In addition, since the use of a nested sequence, you can cut themselves free to modify the conventional shear.

Set the editing process multi-camera is very simple. Have to do is right click on the calendar and different camera angles of the district.

Figure 2-1: Multi-camera multi-camera mode

Figure 2-2: Multi-camera multi-camera mode

Three editing notes (notes Clip) Clip Note
What is it? Clip Notes is essentially rendering video containing PDF files. Note that these clips can be sent to clients or other users, then they enter the comment in the PDF file. In this way, additional comments to the current code, when these notes were re-released back into Premiere Pro, these labels to specific timecode to become a mark (marker).

Regardless of the size of the project, the benefits of using clip notes is great. Extract had been sent to a tape or DVD disc to the client and wait for the comments to come back and send another copy because you do not know where our customers want change. Well, now clips use to remove the whole annotation process. Clip Notes can be anyone with Adobe Acrobat Reader to open people, and comments can be properly attached to the timecode on.

Figure 3: Clip Clip Notes notes

Fourth, product integration
New version of the Adobe Premiere Pro Production Bundle effect is better integration with other related products. This is one of the improvements that are only found in Adobe Production Studio Adobe Dynamic Link (Adobe Dynamic Link). Dynamic link means that if you import an After Effects project into Premiere Pro, it will not be required in the rendering in After Effects Project Synthesis (composition) that will accomplish the task. Once the After Effects project can be imported into Premiere Pro in a clip to trim, cut, or apply effects above. However, if you need to change the project in After Effects synthesized a small part? Ha, do not worry! After Effects project on the synthesis of any changes will be immediately displayed in the Premiere Pro. This feature saves a lot of time, especially if the project After Effects when complex animation.

Figure 4: The dynamic link Dynamic Link

Premiere Pro 2.0 can also open Premiere Elements project, which will certainly Premiere Elements users to be satisfied.

5, export to DVD
While previous versions of Premiere Pro timeline content on a DVD with an export capacity, but Premiere Pro 2.0 further enables publishers to create menus and sub-menus. The new features in Premiere Pro 2.0 is fully customizable, because it gives users the ability to create dynamic funds, the background sound tracks with the capacity and several other options. It can also be due to the use of new DVD Marker button more easily generated directly from DVD Timeline markers.

To use this new feature, publishers need to select the “Windows Setup DVD (DVD page window),” not “File Export Export to DVD (File Export Export to DVD)” because this last option is not created DVD menu.

Premiere Pro 2.0 has also commissioned a bonus DVD model, through different genres, it is certainly the choice of entry for beginners.

Figure 5-1: Setting DVD

Figure 5-2: DVD menu


6, special effects


Premiere Pro 1.5 and 6.5 are installed Affter effects on the same machine, the user can use After Effects filters in Premiere Pro. However, these effects filters are now included in the Premiere Pro 2.0 s “clean installation. Other improvements such long-awaited “Time Code” Indeed, the conversion of new GPU, as well as a set of color correction effects. New color correction filters, including Fast Color Corrector (fast color corrector) and Three Way Color Corrector (triple color corrector), which is a very good effect in the new features. Using the Fast Color Corrector (fast color corrector) advantage is that it has support in the case of graphics to allow real-time playback, Three Way Color Corrector (color corrector triple) playing just spend a short time, you can get a better correction effect.

Figure 6-1: color correction tools

Another user is interested in the effects of the new optical effect in Photoshop (lighting effect). The effects can be used to generate projectors (point light) omnilights (all sources) or directional lights (parallel light), changing the whole atmosphere of useful images.

Figure 6-2: Effects Control Window

Premiere Pro 2.0 now supports GPU accelerated playback of certain effects, such as animation, non-transparent, cross-dissolve, quick color correction and other effects.

7, HDV functionality

Premiere Pro 2.0 now supports HDV content itself, ie, without the use of other filters, such as filter AspectHD Cineform. Thus, in the Premiere Pro editing can be completed. Need to keep the history of the parties repeatedly to compress the movie, which not only allows time as possible to maintain the quality of work.

due to its own support for HDV, using an earlier version of the captured video will be automatically converted to Adobe HDV.

Figure 7: HDV features

8, Subtitle

Premiere Pro projects built in subtitles generated. However, in another project if you want to use subtitles even how? Premiere Pro also export the subtitle file capacity CTR, these files can be imported into another Premiere Pro project.

Figure 8: Designing the interface subtitles

9, transparent video

This is another new version 2.0, and indeed, an excellent feature. In Premiere Pro 2.0, you can create a transparent video layer, it can be used to apply effects to a series of video clips without having to repeat the copy and paste attributes. Apply a special effect to the clear as long as the video track, the results of effects appear automatically in the following video tracks in all.

Figure 9: transparent video tracks

10, remove the material used (delete unused)

There are too many people in the project until the end of the project to spend no equipment? The introduction of the function remove material used is your friend, it helps you to delete unused media clip or other elements.

Figure 10: Remove the equipment used

11, Adobe Media Encoder (Adobe Media Encoder)

Premiere Pro 2.0, Adobe Media Encoder is a new interface and video output is Flash (FLV) capabilities. Other similar improvements include the source video preview and video output capabilities, and cutting in the Media Encoder video capabilities.

Figure 11: Adobe Media Encoder

12, supporting more bits

Premiere Pro 2.0 is now using Adobe HD-SDI support screening video clips 10 bits. Because 10-bit video takes a lot of processing power. Premiere Pro defaults to 8-bit to read a file, the settings can be changed later.

Premiere Pro 2.0 also adds processing 16-bit Photoshop files.

Figure 12: Support for 10-bit video clips

13, Adobe Bridge

If you have the latest version of Creative Suite (CS) application, you will have noticed that Adobe Bridge. Adobe Bridge is essentially a media management application that can be used in Adobe Production Bundle all products. However, the load on the Adobe Production Studio an updated version of Bridge you can preview the video files are After Effects animation preset.

Figure 13: Media Management Software, Adobe Bridge

14, increased (Improvements)

Premiere Pro 2.0 is indeed accompanied by a large number of enhancement of existing applications. The following is a list of some improvements.


audio: If the project 1:1,1:2 or 2:3 audio clips, and Premiere Pro 2.0 will not adapt to these audio files.

Change the name of the band: Premiere Pro now always insert a new tape capture hardware, it prompts you to enter a new name tape

Rearrange the sequence: Premiere Pro 2.0 now allows you to sequence through a simple drag and drop to rearrange them in the new location.

Figure 14: Re-organized sequence


Premiere Pro 2.0 really gives us a lot of new features. Some may change the editing features are applied. With new features and installation notes with other Adobe applications, seamless interaction is the video editing application for an excellent choice. Downside is that the current capacity of up to Premiere Pro absence of media management is also one of its weaknesses.

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