Advantages and disadvantages of merging with Skype Windows Live Messenger

It’s official that Microsoft will drop the popular chat service Windows Live Messenger (WLM) to make way for Skype, instant messaging service and video calls, will be his replacement. But you can migrate your MSN contacts and take advantage of all the new features in Skype, so if you plan to merge your accounts, we recommend that you first read all the pros and cons of starting this process.

What you should know about the merger with Skype <strong>Windows Live Messenger</strong>

Advantages of merge my Windows Live Messenger account with Skype

Of course, once you integrate your accounts, the main benefit is that you can enjoy all the features of Skype:

1. Send messages to your Messenger contacts from Skype: you can see if your friends are online, and make a click on their names to send them instant messages. You can also talk to your Skype contacts and Facebook.

Send <strong>messages</strong> to your <strong>Messenger</strong> <strong>contacts</strong> from Skype

2. Make video calls to your Messenger contacts from Skype: Free calls video begins with your friends from anywhere.


3. Connect with your friends on Facebook: Skype allows you to link your Facebook account to send instant messages and video calls, and you can see their updates, check your wall, update your status and interact with them.

Connect with your friends on Facebook

4. Share your screen: if you need to work in a team or organize plans with your friends can share their computer screens.

Share Your screen

5. Starts group video: you can chat with up to 10 people at once in group video chat sessions. But keep in mind that at least one person on the call must have a Skype Premium or a group video plan.


6. Make voice calls: you can call for free to other Skype users to make calls to landlines and mobile payment schemes hiring.

Make Call voice

7. Skype is more mobile devices: start text conversations and video calls from anywhere through mobile applications Skype for Android, iPad, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Phone.


Disavantages of merge my Windows Live Messenger account with Skype

all positive with the merger of Skype and Windows Live Messenger, in fact most are feeling the changes and you have multiple complaints are the vast legion of loyal users of Messenger.

1. They miss all the most popular features of Messenger, since by the time the merger only involves moving the base to Skype contacts, but do not integrate its features.

2. By merging the accounts will not see the categories and groups that organizabas your Messenger contacts, everything will be in a single Messenger contact list.

3. You can not combine the contacts in Messenger, Skype and Facebook, so you will see duplicate contacts though Skype says it is working on a solution.

4. You can not view or use Messenger custom emoticons.

5. There is not a shortcut button to your Hotmail account and you see the number of new emails.


10 things you need to know about merging with Skype Messenger

1. What happens to my account merge Microsoft (Messenger) with my Skype account? When you log in with your Skype and Microsoft so merging your accounts, hereafter you will see all your Messenger contacts available to initiate text chat, voice and video Skype.

2. What do I need to merge my account Messenger and Skype? It is essential that you download the latest version of Skype and install.

3. How I can merge my Messenger and Skype account? Follow our step by step guide.

4. Does Windows Live Messenger will disappear for good? Yes, from the first quarter of 2013 will remove Microsoft Messenger in all countries of the world, the only exception is China.

5. Should I still log in to my account Microsoft Skype? Yes, if you want to see whenever your Messenger contacts using your email address and password of Microsoft.

6. What will happen to my contacts to merge my accounts of Skype and Microsoft? When mergers both accounts appear your Messenger friends on your Skype contact list, and if you already have a Skype same contact also this will look twice. With the integration will not see your Skype contacts on your Messenger contact list.

7. Do I need to have my contact Messenger Skype to call them? Yes, for voice or video to your Messenger contacts, they will have to have Skype installed also.

8. How I can add a new contact from Messenger to Skype? You can not even add a new contact to your Messenger account from Skype, but you can add it from the Messenger and immediately see in Skype.

9. ? I can merge more than one Messenger account with Skype? No, you can only link to a single Skype account with a Microsoft.

10. How I can remove my merging Microsoft and Skype accounts? Unfortunately the fusion process is irreversible, meaning that you can no longer turn back, there is no option to unlink the accounts.



1.Si while trying to merge your accounts receive the following error message “This account is already merged Skype. You can merge multiple accounts “, you can:

    • Sign another account of Microsoft and uses Microsoft has already been merged with your Skype account.
    • sign another Microsoft account and merge it with another Skype account.
    • Create a new Skype account and merge your Microsoft account.

2. If you do not see the option to merge your accounts Messenger and Skype, be sure to download and install the latest version of Skype. If you did this and you see the integration option but you can access your Skype account, log off through Skype Menu> Log.



Considers that the merger

just begun and the company has advanced to the process will be improved gradually until the final closure of Messenger in 2013. If you are an advanced user of Windows Live Messenger, which uses constantly many service options and inform you well recommend waiting before starting the process of merging your accounts. If instead you use only occasionally and you can risk curiosity, Skype is really a complete service with a large user base worldwide.


  1. Joshua says:

    I also recommend waiting for the “upgrade.” Users cannot view images and videos together. Personally, I don’t care about the videos. However, when I work on a project with somebody, I don’t generally want to share my screen. With this update, I can no longer share screenshots and images. Users that have not switched to skype also cannot send me files, and neither can I send them files. I personally would like to see some of the better features such as those that I had listed above to be added.

  2. BSB says:

    do a google search for “skype msn merge”
    Amazing that you can find real info from all the issues that are currently facing those who made the merge/mess

    It does not tell you when you install skype that it is going to cripple other live services and KILL the original messenger.

    nor does it tell you you wont have groups eg. family friends, co workers or whatever you set up in msn live.

    even if you dont mind the merge you may not get ALL you contacts back or they may show incorrectly online / offline

    Skype also says now that you should NOT use it over Wi-Fi which I have done in the past with no issues and which works even better with MSN

    Microsoft bought skype and ruined it and are now forcing it (warts an all) on us all.

    Lucky for me there are plenty of replacements that I cna use other than skype inc Magic jack for both Iphone and android and many other IM replacements.

    Microsoft dropped the ball here and I am holding onto what I have for the moment after removing skype from my systems.

  3. nottelling says:

    I don’t feel comfortable merging my contacts from Skype and msn I have them separated for a reason. And having 100s of contacts on msn it is going to be very very disorganized with out my groups. I think the best way to go about this is make a new Skype account and transfer who I deem fit to be on my main Skype, I don’t like\trust these link processes when they don’t tell you everything that’s going on I.E. What information is really being transferred is it purely just contacts or is there a link, since you can do only one account I assume its a link and not import so what other information is it clinging onto?(obviously everything at this point they both belong to Microsoft and does sound paranoid but I wanna know what it needs and why) It sucks that Microsoft owns Skype because they’ll play favoritism to Facebook we’ll never need a G+ link on there.

    I don’t know the whole linking thing is a benefit makes your life easier I suppose but at the same time I like to have broken links everything separated with a minimal way of connecting the dots. The future is one with an ever so slowly less private life and I don’t like that and too many people embrace it whether it be willingly or just plain stupidity and they didn’t know…

  4. Nanako says:

    What about the E-Mail? I use MSN just for the E-Mail. What will happen to it? Can I still use my E-Mail?

  5. James says:

    I find this completely unfair and that only China keeps the Windows Live Messenger. Far as I’m concerned that I personally feel that it is a racial remark and should be investigated.

  6. Andy says:

    Unfortunately, I clicked on the link in Messenger to upgrade before I found out about the restrictions as it had stated all remains the same. Great job of false advertising!!! I now can’t send pictures/files or receive them from anyone who is not on Skype….and it tells me that they’re not on skype and to send them a message to upgrade. Microsoft…why do you stay quiet on this after ruining a product that was working well? You shouldn’t take away features that worked…and worst, stop lying that all remains the same when it doesn’t. I can’t go back to Messenger…wish I could..if anyone knows of a way to do this, please let me know.

  7. Ed says:

    I am leaving PC cause Microsoft is trying to rule the world,,,time to go to Mac,,no viruses. I have started with the Ipad and am phasing out the pc,,,goodluck Microsoft cause I think your time is done.

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