Advertising on Facebook is more effective and cheaper

Advertising is the means by which companies want to do more and more space in the market. But which half should be published so that the results are more effective? Currently the Internet is the anger, where is best to advertise my company, brand or product? According to a study by Nanigans, Facebook advertising developer, this network would be the best option to put ads there.

Research carried out between December 2012 and January 2013 975 ad impressions spanned multiple retailers. The results indicated that advertising in the News of Facebook was more effective than those made on the right side of the screen, which usually go unnoticed and few people like me are given.

figures indicated that the News Service has 45 times more clicks and your investment is 14% better than other investments because the return on investment they have. With regard to post advertisements, states that have a 68% lower cost. No doubt there is much difference in cost between advertising on Facebook and made in the market (see photo below).

Facebook - market

average ad cost between $ 0.14 and $ 0.16 for each click that give. Because currently growing mobile advertising, shows that advertising CTR (Clickthrough) in mobile is 1.9 times higher than in desktop, while the cost per click is 46% percent lower on mobile than on desktop.

Another important fact to highlight is the 20 countries with the best conditions for advertising on Facebook (see the image below).


Among the variables used to determine the countries are: the scope (number of users per country), cost per click, and effectiveness (reviews, shopping questions). Given these results, the companies will have to find what is the best way to advertise and which media is appropriate, although this study shows that the indicators is a very good alternative for advertising.

Source: AllFacebook

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