Ali again refused trademark applications software in Taiwan

August 4

new hours, according to Taiwan media reports, Alibaba Group, “Ali software & Logo” brand in Taiwan, “the Intellectual Property Office for” recording, but a company registered in partner countries of Taiwan “and PCPlan” is a similar mark was rejeté.La Intellectual Property Court held that Alibaba trial lost this brand, but also the “highest administrative court” appeal.

April 2007, Alibaba Group, “Ali software & Logo” trademarks, specifies the use of sunglasses, advertising, insurance, telecommunications transport, car shipping, a total of seven categories of computer hardware and other goods and services, property intellectuelleOffice for registration of the mark.

Intellectual Property Office as trademarks Alibaba and implementation of a company in Taiwan, “PC Partner and plan” is a similar mark, and are designed to be used in the software, hardware and identical or similar, there is a confusion for consumers wrongly suspected dedonc not permitted to register, so in November 21, 2008, the rejection of the penalty for validation.

Alibaba is difficult to accept the results of a validation and rejection, the Court held that the corporate brand by the Chinese, “Ali software” in English “” composed of combined graphs, the largest share of Chinese coins, donnela deepest impression, followed by the English part of the graph only a small part of the general trend is not the main brands.

Alibaba think in a partner company of Taiwan “and the PC card” brand, by the foreign partner “PC” and the graphics are composed of two brands are of course overlaps with 4 squares combination of graphics, but now the brand exceptiondonner people the most impressive Chinese “software Ali,” the English part of his (with “Ali Software website,” meaning) and PC Partner (the “PC Partner” of the meaning) the appearance, meaning and pronunciation sontdifférents, consumers will not be confused, mistaken for an IPO can not be a reason not allowed to register.

Alibaba ideas and instructions clearly not support Cour.La Intellectual Property Court that the company logo on two of the four overlapping square graphic design concept and the general appearance of a phase very similar to the global observation of segregation in various other places, it could produce the same set of brand associations, should be the trademarks approximativedes composition, therefore Alibaba lost power.

In May this year, Alibaba claims court intelligence “PAY ALI” trademark, which were withdrawn IPO, a complaint was rejected ruled that the mark is still ongoing procedures judiciaires.Alibaba enter the Taiwan market, the company has two lawsuits brand are not optimistic, really wait was worth it.

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