AMD and ATI temporary “fragmentation” in a short time and to promote new products

August 11 according to foreign media reports, AMD and ATI high-level sources, at least 23 quarters, AMD and ATI will “fragmented” state.

According to British media, Peter Edinger ATI, Vice President Europe and AMD PR Bubba Wolford, senior sources said, as long as there is market demand, ATI will continue to sell support for Intel Conroe processors, AMD chipsets RD600.Et not intervene.

In addition, the ATI existing road will not be major changes, at least in 23 quarters ahead alors.Depuis then AMD will consider the introduction of new products after fusion.En short, both situation is consistent with the established line of development, mutual non-interference.

AMD spokesman Eric DeRitis 9, said this month, AMD does not abandon the brand ATI.Au contrary, many products in the future continue to use the mark ATI.DeRitis said: “AMD is clear brand value and high power, and the global technology, ATI is one of the most prestigious brands. Therefore, we will continue to ATI brand. At least for some time will not be canceled. “

AMD announced July 24, for a total of U.S. $ 5.4 billion in cash and stock to acquire all the shares of ATI. Following the merger, the annual sales of the new company about $ 7.3 billion, a total of approximately 1.5 million salariés.La transaction should be completed in the fourth quarter.

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