Apple is testing the “iPhone 6” to “iOS 7”

Apparently Applealready be testing a alleged iPhone 6 and even the future version of its mobile operating system for smartphones and tablets, iOS 7. According to reliable sources, the company began work on the new device and operating system in late 2012.

Although the news is not official as Apple developers, engineers would manzanita testing the compatibility of the most popular applications in the App Store. To do this, the phone had to be connected to the Internet being seen and identified as the iPhone iOS 6.1 with platform 7.

iphone 6

While not know details of the hardware and the new software features, it is presumed that the new version will be released in mid-2013 because normally Apple unveils new version of iOS at WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference, its acronym in English) held each year in June.

Source: TheNextWeb

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