BIOS – Error Messages – beeps and readable messages

Basic Input Output System – What do the beeps mean at the different motherboards and BIOS versions and what-readable error messages could be displayed on the monitor.


Sometimes it is not easy with computers. Even want to run something here and not once would not want to run something.


Too many things there are now indeed help. But sometimes even looking for it and found nothing.Therefore I have decided, once here to list the different error codes of a BIOS. Because there are several versions or manufacturer to the BIOS, there may be variations.


POST – Power On Selft test

Now for a brief explanation of the startup of a PC. During the POST (P ower O n S Elf T est) of the BIOS hardware components are tested for presence and connected to the system. These include, for example, the CPU, memory, power supplies, video cards, etc.

Should occur when connecting or when reviewing errors or component is defective, there is an error. One such error message may be displayed cited for example in written form on the monitor or on different tones, and beeps.


Audible error messages and the various bleeps / beeps

– beeps and signals for AMI BIOS ,
– beeps and signals the AWARD BIOS ,
– beeps and signals the IBM BIOS ,
– beeps and signals the Phoenix BIOS ,
– beeps and signals at the MR-BIOS ,


A short beep / beep usually indicates that everything is with the BIOS, the motherboard and plugged-in hardware in order. So this is just a normal beep.


Rev your beeps at startup and during operation of the computer through the motherboard should always put one on alert. This immediate danger for the hardware. This can be for example a failure of the cooling fan for the CPU (processor) or false values ​​of the power supply voltage. In such a case you should turn off the computer and go to troubleshooting.


Readable error messages that are issued after the start on the monitor

Did you hear the short beep and the computer is started up to the point where you can read something on the screen, so there is the possibility that the BIOS displays a warning message on the monitor.Many of these errors, however, now been replaced by the beeps.



readable error messages and their importance
C-MOS Battery HAS FAILED The small battery on the motherboard, the power supply to buffer the C-MOS data is defective or empty. This one should replace it if necessary with a new one.
CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR During POST, the BIOS will consider, inter alia, the contents of the C-MOS memory. Thereafter, the data read and program the hardware of the computer with the existing data. While this program is a checksum calculated for the control, this does not match with the stored values, it sends this error message.
DISK BOOT FAILLURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER This error always appears when the computer is booted in this process but finds no bootable system. This can be both hard drives and floppy disks and recordable CDs.


Problems with the connected or built-in floppy drives. It may be that these were not set correctly in BIOS and still need to be configured.
TYPES MISMATCH ERROR OR FLOPPY DRIVERS – RUN SETUP A rare error, but it also happens. It means something like wrong settings for the hard drives or floppy drives
ERROR ENCOUNTERED INITIALIZING HARD DRIVE This error relates to the hard drive /-n. Here are the physical values ​​that can be set in the BIOS is not set correctly. If they agree, however, there still remains the possibility, once screwed because computer and check the connections. It may well be that a cable is not properly seated. Here everything is looking okay, then if the hard disk controller is properly seated in the socket.
EXTENDED RAM FAILED AT OFFSET: … Errors in the extended memory area at the specified address in the message.Sometimes there is a problem with the memory settings or memory is defective.



Error when considering the built-in computer hard drives or hard disk controller.Under certain circumstances, the cable connection between hard disk and the motherboard does not fit properly, the disk loses power because the power cord is unplugged or the power supply not providing enough voltage. This error message may occur even if the settings do not agree to the disk controller or the disk itself in the BIOS. In rare cases, the controller itself is defective.
FLOPPY DISK CONTROLLER ERROR OR NO CONTROLLER PRESENT This error concerns now that floppy drive. Incorrect settings in the BIOS, cable, or loose the controller is not seated properly.


False or incorrect drive types in the floppy drive. This message often appears when the floppy drive or the floppy disk drives in the BIOS is properly configured and set me were.
Invalid NVRAM media type May have an incompatible or defective NV-RAM concern.
KEYBOARD ERROR OR NO KEYBOARD PRESENT A typical error if you forget to plug in the keyboard. However, this error can also occur if you have something on the keyboard, which presses a button permanently down. Thus, a continuous signal is then sent, which triggers the POST test interference.
KEYBOARD ERROR …. After this message still appears an additional indication. For this error or this error message, the BIOS detected when checking the keyboard when a key stuck. The key is then issued with the additional detail. Here one should knock the keyboard once from behind something and clean it if necessary.
KEYBOARD LOCKED – UNLOCK KEY SWITCH On some keyboards it is possible for them to lock with a key. Is this blocking is active, takes the opposite error. In this case you should unlock it by pressing the appropriate button.
MEMORY ADDRESS ERROR AT … This error appears when occurred during testing of memory (RAM) errors. In general, it is displayed with the address of the fault in memory.
MEMORY PARITY ERROR AT … Is there a bug in the checksum of the RAM modules has occurred. Again, this is usually displayed with the associated address.
MONITOR TYPE DOES NOT MATCH CMOS – RUN SETUP The connected type of monitor is not properly recognized by the BIOS. If that is the case, then the computer stops the booting process and outputs the opposite error. In this case you should change the BIOS settings once the appropriate settings.
OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND This error message is displayed if the BIOS can find after POST on any of the available storage media an operating system.
PARITY CHECK 1 There is a parity error occurred in the internal bus. In general, we issued an address to this error message on the screen. Can not be a corresponding address is found, instead, only question marks are displayed.
PARITY CHECK 2 There is a parity error in the input and output bus (I / O bus) has occurred. In general, this is issued with an address. If no address can be determined, so also here with only question marks are displayed.


In some cases, the BIOS is able to recognize mistakes yourself fix. An error has been corrected by the BIOS, so this error message may appear. Here you now have the opportunity to continue by pressing the F1 key, the actual launch process, and reach by pressing the F2 in the BIOS settings.
Previous boot incomplete – DEFAULT SETTINGS / CONFIGURATION USED An error was detected during POST and the POST could not be completed properly. In this case, the default values ​​or the default settings were used for the BIOS. In general, one then one option appears to go into the BIOS itself or in the BIOS setup.
REAL TIME CLOCK ERROR There is a problem with the RTC on the motherboard occurred. On some motherboards this chip can be exchanged on the mainboard. In some cases, a flat battery be the cause. Here you should replace the battery once against a newer one.
SHADOW RAM FAILED AT OFFSET: … Error indicating the shadow RAM that this has failed in checking at the specified address.
SYSTEM BATTERY IS DEAD The system battery is dead (death). In this case you need to replace the battery (battery) on the mainboard. Then you should enter the BIOS setup and configure if necessary.
SYSTEM ERROR CACHE – CACHE DISABLED During POST, an error occurred and the system cache has been disabled by the BIOS or off.
CMOS CHECKSUM BAD SYSTEM – RUN SETUP When checking the CMOS itself there was an error. Here you should enter the BIOS setup and decide to restore the default settings and reboot the computer.Starts this further without an error, the error was due to an incorrect setting.
RAM SYSTEM FAILED AT OFFSET: … The review of system memory has failed within the first 64kb of the specified location. This may indicate a faulty or improperly seated RAM.
TIMER SYSTEM ERROR Error in the system timer (system timer). Can be triggered by, among other things a flat battery (battery). If necessary, the system timer to be replaced on the motherboard. If you can not, you may require a new motherboard.

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