China Software Outsourcing: the North in 2009 over East China

Recently, the soft-called Soft International is a subsidiary of Microsoft, IFC signed an investment agreement, and this agreement will strengthen the sweet and tender in software outsourcing international business, our capabilities and services base. For software and information services on behalf of the information industry in the world ever higher
Reducing the cost of the appeal, the United States, Japan, the European Union accelerating the integration of production software and information services to developing countries like India and other countries have the opportunity to improve the level and extent of its software industry International Outsourcing and Software 形成 Center. With the market competition increasingly fierce, companies increasingly thin profit margins, but the industry trend is still accelerating.

Global Software Outsourcing Market, 2004-2009 Forecast

According to Analysys International, in its “China Software Outsourcing (Offshore Development) 2005 global market analysis” in the forecast, the internal software outsourcing market in 2005 will be strong growth, the market size will reach 8 , 71 billion yuan, while in 2009 reach 294.3 billion .2005 to 2009, compound annual growth rate of 35.6%. Of the futures market and then set the point of view of market structure in 2009, Japan is bidding on the domination of market, the United States followed.

2005-2009, the North and East of China will become the outsourcing market for software services in China, the main engine of growth. “China’s Software Outsourcing (offshore development) 2005 global market analysis” to make such a prediction in 2005, with Beijing as the core software northern China outsourcing market will reach 2.97 billion yuan, while in Shenyang and Dalian as the center of the North American market will reach 1.7 billion yuan.

Yang Qingfeng, head of Analysys International said: “As the governments of the importance of software outsourcing industry services, improved export alliances in the PRD, Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in mind, the market is relatively small and relatively abundant growth of southern China will soon emerge. The advantage of the regional East China has always been very clear, and the relationship between Japan and the U.S. and European markets are very close, will further accelerate its growth rate is expected in 2009, the city of Shanghai and Delta Yangtze East China region as the core subcontracting the North-East. “

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