China to promote the IEEE 10G EPON

Chinese telecom operators choose to start the Light “copper” strategy in China, which means Glen lobbying obvious, if we can at this moment operators and equipment suppliers in China shot in the 10G EPON standard camp then throw the EPON at once dominant position in China will likely be.

IEEE 10G EPON Xi Gelun Working Group on China, his visit brought two messages, first announced the next generation of standards for 10G EPON EPON project was completed, the final standard will be introduced in 2009, the second He hopes more people with experience operating EPON in promoting national companies to join the camp of 10G EPON standard.

Ganchang “public relations”

time for telecom operators’ copper light “strategy launched a year in China, some naturally Glen intention. Currently, operators have been identified to promote the first use of EPON FTTH, if both operators can equipment manufacturers in the camp of 10G EPON standard, a large one stroke under EPON can offer significant advantages China.

To this end, Glenn said, in part: “10G EPON users not only to face the future cash flows of the large integrated firms demand for bandwidth, but also to achieve a gradual evolution of the EPON current for operators to protect and safeguard investments. “

operators take the initiative, while Glenn do not forget to encourage domestic equipment to participate in the review and development of the standard 10G. Currently, domestic companies by market-oriented, much attention has been put on the EPON, they can not guarantee that these companies have a line of upgrade products good, consolidating the future of China EPON industrial benefits.

In fact, as early as before Glen China, Chinese manufacturers have realized the importance of participation in the standard 10G. It is reported that Huawei 10G had been involved in the development of standards, the power budget and other work was up to 10G EPON Task Force recognized.

10G prepare right

Current strategy

EPON market competition is to take 2-3 years to complete 10G EPON commercial preparations, during the upgrade to the 2.5G EPON up on the market. For this arrangement, Glenn seems particularly confident “, even if the starting current of the next generation of standards for GPON, EPON will lead the next generation of the standardization process GPON3 years.” According to this view, 10G EPON standard criteria could conduct an orderly development.

other hand, the next few years, a variety of video services are mainly required downstream bandwidth, upgrade smoothly to 2.5G EPON meet the market demand. In addition, the standard 2.5G EPON is still in use today, only companies need to update some of the special optical modules can reach 2.5 G, the cost is only necessary to modernize the grid origin GEPON 10% -15% of the costs.

different attitude towards the national parties

face lobbying Glen, domestic manufacturers and standards bodies are very different attitude.

domestic enterprises to participate in the performance of 10G EPON revision of standards is even more positive, which could reflect the characteristics of the internal network to the EPON IEEE EPON standard 10G let in more elements of Chinese, and improve China EPON standard in the next generation of voice, on the other hand, to better achieve the “go”.

national standards body, however, was more cautious, Ministry of Information Industry standard Ao Li, deputy director of the report, “Communications Industry”, said: “Currently, the standard EPON 10G has not officially begun, it is mainly involved in national and international organizations system level due to a difference. “IEEE 10G EPON standard developed primarily for the physical layer and data link layer, while the national standards, mainly focused on the system level,” national standard of work will be determined in the IEEE 10G EPON after the start. “Li Ao said.

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