China’s software industry, you need to train a large number of blue collar software?

recent years, “Software Engineering” is the word appears frequently in the industry, who engage, not software, described themselves as “software engineering”, open to the General Assembly, participate in discussions often hung a “software engineering” title, especially as software, software development practitioners, does not mention the software works, it does not seem to be professional enough to be viewed from above, as if most of the software engineering always talking about everyday people are not really clear what is software engineering.

advantage of software engineering and hot, universities college major competitors offer software engineering degree program, the number of control booming, as if overnight, the China’s software was designed, and India soon became a pediatrician, and a large annéeU. S. Chaoying capture momentum, and in agreement with this idea in another way, China is now much the shortage of software blue collar workers, the number of software future of China should be the number of blue-collar culture adapt to China becoming a power software needs.

In addition, various social classes and vocational schools have also launched various courses formation.Hype form a variety of software “blue collar.” source of high school students, after two years of training, the inculcation of dozens of real cases, so that the software blue collar after entering the world of software can be more successful replication of the cases studied previously.

In this regard, I would say it is for the development of the software industry in China, it is necessary that we give the power to form a large number of blue collar software you? For this problem, in fact, two questions need to talk, we must first thoroughly récenteslogiciel blue collar training you? Second, our long-term development of our software industry need to continue long-term blue-collar training a large number of software

Let’s look at the concept of software blue collar: blue collar workers supposedly software software production line in accordance with the detailed design of software programmers for encoding. Is a pure software software workers they do not participate in the design of software may simply not know what to write this code is used which module in which the project, they know that, according to the interface and functional specifications writing code.c ‘ as if the mechanics do not live in accordance with the drawings, but do not know where Fengyun screws used.

thing exists, it is required to have its own value, and its existence is Caixing locales.À the existence of blue-collar software, the same must also be there to find his place.Toutefois unfortunately can be found by analyzing the space of software life is too blue collar limité.Dernières Chinese did not need much blue collar, not as good as saying that China living space simply not software blue collar.

examine the development process logiciel.La survival of software products can be divided into the following steps:

project planning, requirements analysis, basic design, detailed design, coding, implementation, unit testing, software maintenance and assembly testing, and so on.

Now look at the structure of Chinese software professionals and is responsible for work:

SA, responsible for project planning, requirements analysis, basic design and detailed design

senior programmer responsible for the basic design, detailed design and some coding can also be responsible for the maintenance of software;

programming, the main complex and detailed design, coding and testing unit testing table, and some may also be responsible for the maintenance of software;

Tester is responsible for testing and unit testing assembly.

◆ In fact, this structure is very perfect, it is difficult to find the location encoders pure.codeurs Pure living space is too limited, and coding work for programmer support.

improve team morale point of view of software programmers do not have working blue collar passion.Si I had to write a program, even though I am writing this function is used not knowing what to do, and I certainly do not drive, I’m afraid not just me, many developers in China are as ça.moral team development and effectiveness of development are closely linked and can not be underestimated.

◆ In addition, depending on the circumstances, are blue-collar culture of quality software is difficult to garantir.Mois following the completion of all courses, copy of teaching culture can cuillère.Cette case that some people fear that the work is very simple, complex problems or just need a bit of work to a design problem.

point man for China, the software is not suitable for blue-collar occupation of China in this sol.peu comfort in the inner part of the software blue collar, but foreign countries such as India, software blue collar life he can do, as long as you provide a coding work to him and he was relieved of his share to choses.Les people are a little ambition, and do not want the system design software blue collar two days, systems analysis or simply go it alone when his patron.Oh, it also shows that the initiative of the Chinese people “soldiers generally do not want to do is not a good soldier!”

Software engineering progress, the reality is that China only needs to send players mishmash of experience, if you do not code, you must not eat the bowl, because there is no code can be designed for you.

◆ From the point of view of development, the development of our software industry, the software does not require a lot culture bottles bleus.Or, software engineering may not be prepared for the software passes bleus.Regardez history of workers processing industry can be useful in our industrial revolution after the beginning of a long period of time, front-line workers producing a living machine, the labor force of workers have become the backbone socialCependant dorsal development, the development of automation technology, which makes the production line has undergone a qualitative change in the white-collar workers have become the inevitable trend of automation, where workers in white-collar n ‘ change is not only a noun, or high salaries, and there are actions, while enchangé the nature of the production, the kind of manual process (crafts), rigorous processes, near the machine while the existence of skilled blue collar replaced by a high degree of autonomy, innovation and the ability to form blancs.La collar white collar instead of blue collar is the evolution of the industry, rather than just changes in relationships travail.L the software industry is also experiencing this change, on the one hand, the software industry has led to the automation of production processes of traditional industries, on the other hand, are the engines of industry software to automate their production processes, we do not have too many J2EE, Microsoft. Net new ideas, or WebLogic, BizTalk and other automated tools or even smart features inside, there is one thing, as a representative of the productive forces, “blue collar” is a new cycle of transformation industry from the historical scene.

So blue collar software has changed the software industry in China, software development does not require a large number of blue-collar culture, but the need to maintain the most remarkable design, the analyst . practice of China’s software now and in the future, and the soil is not suitable for the existence of the Chinese collar bleus.Comme do not need to fill capitalism, we do not see the software industry in China should follow the model of abroad, skip to step by step.

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