Choice of hosting or web hosting

Web Hosting: Which is best?

What minimum web hosting (web hosting) need for your site, What features should have the web hosting solution that suits our needs?

If we want our website to be accessed by hundreds of users around the world, we have to get aweb hosting provider (hosting) that we provide a service to match our needs.

Hosting or housing??

One of the first questions that arises in dealing with this issue is whether we need a hosting solution, ie we staying our website on a server, or housing, which is unique having a dedicated server, which can be located in poveedor facilities, or in our business or office.

The advantage of the housing lies in greater security, a predetermined bandwidth and CPU and RAM running exclusively for our website, resulting in better performance. The downside: the economic cost and maintenance, determining that these solutions are viable mainly for medium and large sites. If we decide on a solution of housing, one of the key issues is that the company is reliable and has security measures commensurate to the other benefits.

Hosting: services needed

But most of the time, you start hiring a hosting plan or low cost web hosting we provide basic services we need to start our activity on the network.

The first is the server space, which generally offer 5-100 megs. If we consider that an average website weighs 50 K. (0.05 megs), a 100-page Web site graphics and images can more safely use a property with 5 megs of space. But if we use databases to register customers, products, etc.. you need at least 20 megs Not to be outdone with web space soon. It should be noted that past the edge of space within our plan, the providers charge a plus that it may sometimes be quite expensive.

Traffic allowed

Another important issue is the traffic allowed, this means the number of visitors that can access our website per month. The Most vendors provide us 1 to 3 gigs, and some of them, unlimited traffic, although the latter option must be careful because if you have a site hosted with ours and it is visited, will cause our site is very slow to navigate.

To understand web traffic consider the following example: In my website users enter through day 300, these, visiting an average of 7 web pages: 300 * 7 = 2100 pages visited. If each page on average weighs 50 K. 50 * 2100 = 105 Megas. (1 Mega = 1000 K). I then I have a daily traffic of 105 Mb, if I multiply it by a month, I have that is generating traffic my site: 105 Mb * 30 days = 3.15 Gigas (1 Giga = 1000 Mb), that is, I have to have some less than 300 daily users looking 7 pages each, to cover the 3 gigs allowed.


The bandwidth is the physical capacity of the Internet connection that has provider Web Hosting , but also influences the amount of information transferred simultaneously it can support the web server which is hosted on our site. A bandwidth that we have to divide the sites that are hosted on the same server and we must also consider what type of information transmitted those websites (the audio or video files are consuming more bandwidth).

This information is generally available only when we acquire a housing solution, hosting providers are not easy, but the most important of them have similar characteristics, ie T3 lines.

Simultaneously, every hosting provider that will be worthy of the daily backups stored information, risk insurance and security through video cameras and guards. Keep in mind that they are managing information that is sometimes very personal (credit card numbers, tax information, etc..) And special precautions should be taken for the same.

Finally, we have to provide the use of our own domain, and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so we can ensure the basic security for users who want to enter data into forms or shopping.

Web Tools

Among the working tools that we use to make our website may be posted on the Internet, we can mention the Front Page Extensions, for those who made their website with Microsoft Front Page 2000, a CGI-BIN directory to include modules own programming that serve to add interactivity to the site, ready to use scripts that help us to run forms, page counters, forums and more.

We also need access to the log file, a file that allows us to analyze site statistics or alternatively, a statistics program that allows us to see site traffic, a database that can be mSQL, mySQL, Access or Microsoft SQL, etc.., to manage form data or user registration, and access to FTP or Web server 24 hours. to make changes to the site.

On the other hand there are web hosting providers that offer such extras Shockwave for animation in that format, Real Audio / Video to insert audio and video in our pages, chat, so that our users can chat, Web mail, to provide accounts Free Web mail, shopping carts (shopping cart) to get started in the E-commerce and merchant bank services, so we can charge with credit cards, checks, etc.

On the E-mail, provide on average 5 POP3 email boxes (sometimes with the possibility of checking accounts from the Web), use of aliases Unlimited autoresponders and forwarding, and the ease of maintaining mailing lists, although this last option is usually charged as an extra plus.

Free, always free

In Internet could not miss the business model based on providing free accommodation in exchange for advertising. The best known provider is undoubtedly Freeservers , pioneer of the network, which claims to have 2 million hosted websites. Among others I can name suppliersVirtual Avenue and Hypermart .

In general also have a paid solution, if you want to avoid publicity. The advantage obviously is its price: $ 0, among its disadvantages: slow, not take over if the server goes down and you have to adapt our website to chart your banner ad. They are often used for personal pages, asociacione nonprofit or freelancers who are not interested in paying for a hosting service rented.

For sites dedicated to E-commerce is usually not a great option because they are not reliable and the image they provide no favors. Do you put your credit card number to a merchant who does not want to spend on web hosting for your site?.

Publish the Web site

E-Commerce Tools

  • Shopping cart
  • Real Player
  • Front Page
  • CGI scripts
  • Database
  • Statistics

Maintenance Tasks

Once created and put on the Web site, we owe tasks of which is to maintain the site , which will called webmaster.

Among them, we can mention the statistics control site activities, registration and search engine optimization back in the same position, check that the optimal performance, not “drop” the server, etc..

In addition, staffing is needed for updating content and creating new pages, advertising the website by exchanging banners or campaigns, and control of competition, among other activities.

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