CMM assessment obtained by the software export permit ≠

While companies increasingly market research overseas, CMM assessment also gradually attracting the attention and recognition entreprises.Certaines many businesses across a number of levels of CMM assessment like to become a status symbol, according to incomplete statistics, in 2001 CMM within two or more companies to evaluate only a dozen in 2002, jumped to dizaines.Un hot topic: The CMM assessment is equivalent to a pass for software export. So what is between the “=” or “≠” do?

First, from the outset about CMM.Le name supposedly full English is a CMM Capability Maturity Model for Software, an abbreviation for the SW-CMM (Software Capability Maturity Model) called CGM.CMM is funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, Carnegie – Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (CMU / SEI) set place.Le aim is to assess the U.S. Department of Defense contractors and software reduce the risk markets défense.Bien that CMM is no government standard or standards industry association, but because of its strategic importance, the United States quickly and the software industry World is widely utilisé.En other words, at the time that the CMM assessment can not be screened in the U.S. Department of Defence procurement Défense.Compte given the greatest opportunities CMM, SEI CMM filed patents and trademarks, and also around the software process assessment and CMM-based assessment software capabilities auditor training was created to provide an evaluation of a set of system service.En effect Since the origin is indeed very important in terms of the CMM.

Second, the rapid development of the Indian software industry, for example, and also showed how the CMM software in the importance of software exports exportations.les the late 80s to China and India not exceed an order of magnitude difference, but after ten years of development, the Indian software exports were higher than in China nearly two orders of magnitude, in which a variety of reasons, but the point of view of the industry itself mêmepoint view, actively promote the CMM assessment is essential to réussite.Actuellement more than 70 software companies in the world through CMM4 level 5 assessments, including India accounted for more 20, with the CMM assessment, not only greatly improved the possibilities of software development, and improve software quality assurance and etEurope United States, the rapid growth of software exports, India became the second largest after the production of software and the power of the United States for export. economic globalization on the market today, to catch up with India, China, our companies have software workshop of the same model, and actively with the international standards, software engineering and scientific methods of quality control, standardize our development process logicield’améliorer the quality of the software step by step in the world. The CMM can say that, after years of practice and a model of success and one of the criteria.

Finally, CMM assessment is important not only for qualification to export logiciels.Secrétaire Assistant Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology, Qingdao Software Park Management Office, told the told a live cover time: Qingdao, software must adapt to international trends, this is not just involved in several levels of outsourcing maissortir fully with the international exchange of large software companies, the introduction of advanced projects to promote the great development of the software industry Qingdao.Vice president of Qingdao Computer Society Professor Qin Hongcai the development of CMM previously slow Qingdao, is divided into a barrier in the global market logiciel.Par example in competition on the international market, does not question the “package” for you, companies must be able to see if it is finished, the “package” capabilities, CMM is actually label.Mais if this would mean that you can get through the evaluation of software outsourcing orders fall into a malentendu.En fact, obtain a certificate of CMM assessment, even CMM5 级 evaluation are only exports software entry authorization, foreign well-known in the business Ruanjianqiye on our understanding Henshao China, Guo Jia CMM and the world that the West reconnueque standard understanding of Chinese foreign companies approved software window bien.Mais the ability to obtain export orders, the key depends on the standardization of technical strength and management level, the level of development of logiciels.Et access to software process improvement continuous and improve the management of standardization, implementation of the CMM is the true meaning lies, it is the implementation of the CMM or the company, it should be clear: it is well course through the CMM assessment is very important that cettede the international standard for our business in a stage of recognition, but in the process of standardization in the implementation of the CMM can really access to continuous improvement processes, regulate the internal management, improving the competitiveness of enterprises are businesses Rank Yongyuan benefit.

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