CMM to overcome barriers to an effective software export

Join the WTO, resulting in the Chinese economy accelerated towards internationalization.’s software industry in China to enhance international competitiveness, which is a place in the world to solve the problem with international standards is increasingly urgente.La CMM certification is probably the most popular in today’s standards international software enterprise certification, known as the software allows companies to participate in the international competition, Chinese companies have software to intensify the implementation of CMM certification, development normalisé.Pendant take this time, CMM can accelerate the development of the software industry in China will help the implementation of software product development, engineering, software engineering farm construction, software engineering and software exports the project engineering talent on four training to help software companies to build their capacity to improve deéchelle.Amélioration level software engineering and access to international markets require long-term efforts, the use of CMM, but is not the only solution, but it is certainly undeniable that the software China and international standards and high speed road is to enter the international market, unepont.

order to comply with the international trend, the State Department issued in 2000 to “encourage the development of software and IC industry, the number of” politics, article 17 companies “good software oriented export costs Shidang CMM to support” content.

Clearly, the production of small workshops to the software industry in China a series of chain reaction “: a large number of copies small number of custom software is a serious waste of resources, many small software companies to make the software industry in the presence of a low-level operation and enet circle vicieux.À Currently, the domestic software products focused on support of the environment in the Chinese system and application software and the operating system, database and other software technology more efficient and powerful need to do so soucie.En due to the high complexity of these technologies support the software needs a lot of input, but most software companies eager to national “secondary development” for short-term profits.

For these reasons, the software industry in China to upgrade national real industry software products, markets, capital operation, including business management and standards international.

Firstly, the implementation of software products for production techniques and industrial models essentiel.Avec is the continued expansion of applications, growing complexity of information systems, the software shows more more groups of features it high quality and efficient Kaifa complex software systems are large individual Buzai yes Huoxiao software workshop that could be done.

Secondly, the reform of traditional computer training to meet the new situation of development logiciels.L Education of China currently higher in the design of computer programs, to be universal and Open Engineering management software courses.

Third, the introduction of international practices of CMM certification, while the internal resources available for software integration on a large scale is particularly nécessaire.Comme currently the most practical production standards and software process level mature software companies certified standards, CMM can help software companies to improve and optimize the management, production engineering software.

Currently, the capabilities of the China Software Development are mature, but the United States, India, there are still large compared to the gap. The United States and India have their own systems of quality control management is the norm, strict, we must learn from Microsoft’s unique software company quality control system development experience, our growing national software industry .

In 2000, the software industry in China amounted to 7.17 billion dollars (including software exports 400 million U.S. dollars), compared with foreign software industry, there is a gap .

software industry developed foreign affairs, it is important for one reason: whatever their size Juetaiduoshu undertaken in accordance with the standardized working methods to manage software Xunhuanguocheng, still end-user software Fangzai 优化supply Chanpin and quality control center, the Da Dao Certificationstandard the very important position.

Try entering the software market Chinese international companies, more and more deeply aware of SW-CMM (Software Capability Maturity Model: Capability Maturity Model for Software) to develop markets overseas important role, but the fact is: Many companies ontque CMM certification, but how fast to implement MMT on software process improvement, there are still many préoccupations.Et is to confuse the manufacturers software business decision, directors, performers, hinder software companies in China to enter the international market a bottleneck. Consequently, as CMM is an internationally recognized criteria of the software industry evaluation by a CMM for software export oriented organizations software development are particularly importants.Secondaire or tertiary CMM software development organizations in the software industry will have greater visibility and other software development organizations to participate in the promotion of products, in order to obtain the software side will have a greater advantage.

CMM, a total of 5, 18 key process areas (KPA), 52 targets, more than 300 key practices ……

adoption of CMM 4 and 5-class, except for Australia and Israel each have four companies, five Chinese companies, the rest are the United States and businesses in India. Motorola China Software Center has become the first 39 companies certified by level 5.

the global market for software development, the Indian software exports to the scale, quality and cost of the composite index jumped three monde.Indien first in the industry statistics software Association in 1990, the Indian software exports in India at 50 million, up $ 200 million in 1995, reached 1.813 billion dollars in 1997 reached 2.75 billion U.S. dollars in 1998, reached 3.9 billion in 1999, 60 2,000,100,000,000 dollars, total exports of India represented 10.5% of the total. strict and complete project management and quality security system, so that the software industry in the Annex to India by the quality and price of delivery Nengli increased significantly Dataizengjiangde the India’s competitiveness in the software industry markets internationaux.Depuis that India has begun to explore the potential of the software industry to open the international market, the software has been the quality of software products and services as buoy rescue companies.


production as a measure of whether good software development is not complete, the internal strength of the software is excellent, if quality assurance software, software companies are established industrial awareness of sustainable development and a competitive economy, but to assess the development of the software industry Chinenormes, also address barriers to China’s software exports effectively.

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