Computers and process management

There are people who have not the slightest idea on how doptimiser performance computers and therefore they keep complaining quils have a computer lent.Pour set the record straight and prevent them from doing so many questions about it, i took the liberty to describe this article.

The first thing you have to do when your computer starts to not respond to your commands is to ensure that unnecessary programs that you ouvert.Essayez close everything that nourishes your memory because your computer can not not distinguish which programs have a higher priority than the autres.Après that and your computer is still slow, you can consider dutiliser some programs that can help you optimize your memory management.

Such tools are very reliable because they can really help speed up virtual memory on your computer and so you get better performance from your PC.You can find these tools on The Internet and you can install for free because there many dentre them, that do not require a license or dun CD-Key.

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However, if you are a bit experienced when it sagit dutiliser a computer, the first sign that your computer is running slower than dhabitude, you can run Task Manager and from there you can choose the application you want to close. This is useful to check the process that consumes the most resources and you can terminate or establish another priority for elle.Il Sagit for professionals only and I do not recommend unless you are sure of what you do.

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