Copy the results of a DOS command

Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003, the CLIP command to copy the results call for a command in the DOS command prompt. This trick can be useful if you are asked to paste the results of the IPCONFIG command, for example, in a forum, it avoids retyping all the results.

Copy the results to the clipboard

  • In the command prompt (Start Menu> All Programs> Accessories> Command Prompt), type CMD | CLIP (the symbol | is obtained by ALT Gr 6).
  • Notice that the cursor is a newline.
  • Enter the command you want to run, for example IPCONFIG.
  • At this point the command is running.
    • If you have a command that requires considerable time for its execution, so you have to wait. The downside is that nothing indicates that the execution of a command has completed or not, you just wait until it will be possible to re-enter the command prompt.
    • Note that it is best to choose carefully the parameters of the order to avoid confirmation messages intermediates, as these messages are interpreted in the background without you even noticing. To get help on a command type the command followed by /?
  • At the end of the execution of the command, type EXIT. The results will be immediately copied to the clipboard.
  • Stick them in the forum (go straight to the forum and do “Paste”).


  • IPCONFIG / ALL | CLIP: copy directly to the network configuration on the PC in the clipboard.
  • DIR | CLIP: copy directly to the listing of the current folder contents in the clipboard.
  • NET VIEW | CLIP: copy the list of connected users in the same group working in the clipboard.
  • DRIVERQUERY | CLIP: copy the list of drivers installed on the PC in the clipboard.
  • SC QUERY | CLIP: copy the list of services and their status on the current PC in the clipboard.
  • And so on for all orders ;-)

On Windows XP, this command is not available. You can add, by downloading the following , and by decompressing in the Windows \ system32.

It is also possible to copy / paste in the command prompt by clicking the small c: \ (in the title bar of the window) in the top left of the screen and then click Edit> Select All, Then return to Edit> Copy.

Copy the results to a text file

This tip is for XP and Vista.

Still in the command prompt, simply type the desired command followed by

  > [File location] \ [filename]

For example:

IPCONFIG / ALL> C: \ reseau.txt create a text file with the network name of the root C that contains the current network configuration

If the desired path contains spaces, it must then use the quotation marks:

DIR> “C: \ Documents and Settings \ me \ Desktop \ list.txt” creates a file list on the user’s desktop that contains methe listing of the current folder on the console.

Click here to download clip.exe

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