Create an account on Friendster

They were two boys who started this social network in 2002 in the city of California, Jonathan Abrams and Peter Chin, both were responsible for designing Friendster, social network appeared before many others, Facebook, MySpaceand Twitter obviously.

Friendester was created with the goal of meeting new people in a safe and effective because it makes browsing different types of profiles of other users and establish a friendship to begin a dialogue that is.

Tools required for registration:

  • Having an email to confirm the account registration.
  • Being over 14 years old to register on the site.

How to create an account on Friendster:

  1. The 1st step is to enter Friendster, for this you must click on the following link: ( )
  2. Main page opens social network and there you have to click on the link Join Now Friendster, red link on the side of the web page
  3. Now you must put a real email in the blank that appears above the link
  4. Therefore receive an email with the password that you will use to log, automatically generated password for the service.

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