Create an account on Rapidshare, file hosting service

As we know Rapidshare is one of the largest Internet sites in regards to file hosting course, since the rise of information Rapidshare is higher than that of any other site, and is that the latest information is up over 100,000 MB in. This site, unlike the rest, does not have any “law” in the files uploaded or downloaded and is this what you are owed his popularity.

Without much further ado, this article will explain easy as creating an account on Rapidshare without the need to be an expert on the subject, as the tutorial is so easy to follow that I do remember when.

Tools required for registration:

  • Over 18 years, otherwise you may not have to register
  • Having an email account, this option is required to confirm the email account.

How to register in Rapidshare:

  1. The first step is to enter the main site Rapidshare, for it will have to click on the link below:  ( )
  2. Once inside the site you must click on the “Register” button that appears right at the top of the screen
  3. A form is displayed on the same screen where you must fill in the following form:
    • Username: Put a username, that you like the course
    • Email: Please enter a valid email account to confirm
    • Password: Enter a password that you can remember
    • Re-enter the same password
  4. Accept the terms of use
  5. And finally click on Register, option at the bottom of the registration form.

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