Create enterprise-class Internet Mail Server (1)

Internet applications in business, how to set up a highly efficient, stable, easy to handle Internet mail server is an important task. Discussed in this article is how to set up the Windows NT platform, a complete Internet mail server and mail server functions how advanced such as multiplexing.

First, select the appropriate server messaging software

Currently, the Internet, using the Windows NT operating system platform as a Web server, there are many, but the mail server, then use a system based on Unix Sendmail. In fact, in many budget Qing Kuang limited order based on the Windows NT platform, the mail server can save money, while their functionality and performance is good enough it is difficult to manage than Unix Ye Yao Di.

the Windows NT platform, the choice of mail server are numerous, this paper proposes to use the Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, the following reasons.

1. Exchange Server 5.5 and Windows NT has a good integration may, and Windows NT account management account management integration.

2. Exchange Server 5.5 is a groupware system, the Internet Mail Service is only part of the function, the use of groupware functionality, you can achieve more automation office.

3. Exchange Server 5.5 has a good opening to provide a programming interface, you can develop all kinds based on the client / server structure or browser / server application structure.

4. Countries to buy Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 can enjoy the company some time free technical support, useful for new users.

course, I just want to use Internet Mail Server functionality for users, Exchange Server 5.5 is indeed a bit exaggerated. If you want to use other functions more single mail server software, a good idea to look at stability, integration with Windows NT and the availability of programming interfaces and so on.

Second, the installation of Exchange Server 5.5

Exchange Server 5.5 installation process is not complicated, but you need to know before installing Windows NT domain account used for installation. Please follow these instructions.

1. In Windows NT User Manager for Domains, create an Exchange Management Server, for example, called “exadmin.” Note, this account must be added to the “Administrators” group. Shown in Figure 1.

2. Run the installation of Exchange Server. When the installer prompts the administrator account, the new “exadmin” can be selected.

3. The remaining steps follow the installation instructions to do until the end of the normal installation.

Then just install the basic components of the Exchange server, it can not be used as an Internet mail server. In Exchange Server in a special service called Internet Mail Service Options for Internet e-mail services are comprehensive.

Third, configure the DNS

Before installing the Internet Mail Service, the first DNS server configuration, add the DNS documents. Example, today in the field (note that this field is the field of Internet, rather than in Windows NT) “” to create a mail server, mail server machine named server2, mail server, called “”, hence the name of the server machine name and address of the mail server may be different. In the DNS configuration file add the following records:

server2 IN A

email server2 IN MX

first record to add a host record, hostname server2, the IP address of The second record that the mail server use this host.

Once the installation is complete, restart the DNS service, then test to see recently added DNS records were made.

DNS A records, you can use the ping command to test, test as follows.

C: WINDOWS ping Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Response bytes = 32 time = 1ms TTL = 255

Response bytes = 32 time = 10ms TTL 255

Response bytes = 32 time = 10ms TTL 255

Response bytes = 32 time = 10ms TTL 255

Ping statistics for

Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),

Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:

Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 1ms, Average = 0ms

If you get the above results, the analysis shows the normal DNS A record has been added. For the DNS MX record, can not use the ping command to test directly, but rather use the “nslookup to test (note, not NSLOOKUP Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Unix only there) The test is as follows.

$ Nslookup

Default Server:



querytype = mx


Address: preference = 10, mail exchanger = server2. preference = 20, mail exchanger =

nameserver =

nameserver =

internet address =

internet address =



With the above procedure, we can determine the DNS to resolve the normal model, just add the MX record. If inspection of all normal, indicating no problem with DNS, you can then install the Internet Mail Service.

Fourth, install the Internet Mail Service

Need to install Internet Mail Service in Exchange Server Management Exchange Administrator program made. Concrete steps are as follows.

1. Exchange Administrator Operation Manager.

2. Manager menu, select “File” * “New Other” * “Internet Mail Service”.

3. Follow the instructions for continuous operation, select the DNS as a means of resolving domain names, you can also set the default e-mail address is “@” after this operation more later, Exchange Server in the newly created accounts will be the address of the mail server.

After a successful installation, the management interface by double-clicking the left window “Connections” icon in the right pane you can see the new installation of the Internet Mail Service, shown in Figure 2.

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