Delete your ex from Facebook with Kill Switch

Would you like to eliminate your ex and they all look like an accident? Do not worry that it is not a crime in one physical but virtual. Now you can remove your ex from your Facebook account. There will be no trace of him so he will not follow you every time tormenting him update his account of Facebook .

How? Simply download Kill Switch, an application that is able to erase everything that appears on your ex and you bring back memories. So you can hide, because nothing comes to eliminating discreetly any photo, video, or status update publication.

Kill Switch is available for Android devices and soon will launch the iPhone version. You can have the app for only $ 0.99 so you can be calm emotionally.

For many users this app seems empty, but the truth is that you can not deny that it saves time in eliminating publications and do it manually can take if the relationship lasted too long and if used to share all about it on Facebook .

The application can be download by entering here .

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