Domain names. Keys to acquire a good command

domain name is an online identity. Used to assign an address and locate computers on the Web. Humans have an easier time remembering names remember numbers, so we call to a server by name. For this reason a system born to replace numeric IP addresses of computers per user names will be clear, the DNS. For example, it is easier to remember that an IP address could be Then, when you enter in the address bar of your browser the domain name, the DNS (Domain Name Servers) will translate into their respective IP by connecting to the server hosting these pages.

Thus was created a system which is organized hierarchically, in the same way that the system of IP addresses. In this system, a name of an address (domain name) belongs to a top-level-domain.The Top-Level-Domains (TLDs) at the end of the domain name . This is nothing more than abbreviations identifier of countries or types of activities. For example:

. Com = commercial 
. org = non-profit organization 
. overall net = network 
. biz = companies 
. name = private persons 
. info = information services of all kinds 
. ES = Spain 
. it = Italy 
. de = Germany 
. gov = U.S. public

Therefore, there are several types of domains and who creates the domain is different for each case. The body which creates a domain name registry and there is a single registry for each type of domain. These organisms are large registry, such as:

ESNIC for Domains.’s AFILIAS for Domains. info VERISIGN for Domains. com

The agency established and monitors the entire system of names is called ICANN , which is also responsible for creating new domains and assign new registry.

Normally, users can not buy directly from a domain registry, if they do not sell domains only authorized a number of companies, called registrars. Once an owner decides to buy a domainthrough the registrar informs the registry that acts as a further license. Then, the person becomes the owner and administrator of the domain during the time stated in the contract. This transmission is contractual and therefore legal.

It is also important to note that domain names are unique, ie you can not register a domain that belongs to someone else, so to register a domain we must first ensure that it is free. This can be determined easily step into any page that is dedicated to domain registration , usually put on its cover a picture for you to find the domain you’re interested in and see if it is free or not.

Domains, subdomains, TLDs, etc..

Consider the domain . The .’s is a TLD (Top Level Domain) or TLD (. com,. org,. net and so are others). lawebera would be a second-level domain belonging to the TLD.’s.The second-level domains are those that are open to registration, ie, we can register a domain name second level of any of the available TLD (this is what really register when you register a domain). In turn, the owner of the second-level domain ( can create subdomains you want directly in the DNS server (eg

What maximum size can have a domain and what characters are valid in domain names?

Domains can be used up to 67 characters long. Numbers and letters are allowed in domain content, but does not allow spaces or special characters (eg, =, &, $, ñ, tildes, etc..).

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