Dudu the temptation to share a lot of good software?


not concerned about the development of shared software, and suddenly discovered a few days became friends mouth sharing software commonly used phrases are so natural to their strong opposition to the exchange of software called an accelerator Dudu.
personally Think that this software is smart, intelligent to determine not only automatically download the available resources to achieve optimal download speed is to follow the root of your browsing history and custom tailored to suit your your advertising, unsolicited, Zhan Zhao registry will not delete le.Chaque turn that damn Dudu will automatically install!
Bar Post to Baidu, the sound wave Dudu conviction after vague.Mais message can be seen by users, never more than one or two programs is that many software sharing on this model are closer.
Thousand Oaks, developed by Media Office (Media Desktop) claims to share the software author to find a way of online advertising for revenue, and that the imposition of such “alliance sharing software” shape gradually expanded to cover more deutilisateurs sharing software, shareware, Built in Media Desktop, from the use of free software, shareware, upon receipt of broadcast advertising, “Desktop Media section” while advertising revenue to a certain percentage points share the software author.
This approach is reasonable typical chicken-commercial, this understandable, but it does not allow the user control when user information, monitoring data users, and profit, it is not only a dimension morality, but the violation of human rights, and fraud and theft of the same, to use the law.
Shareware why? According to Hegel’s theory: the existence of the long raisonnable.Shareware this road is a historical inevitability, but it is really impossible to go back.
Throughout the national share more particularly influential in software development process in which embarrassment. Sharing designers software and media to share the software is too much hard work and sadness painted dark colors, mostly internal pressures are difficult to obtain registration fees. Meanwhile on, he was very jealous and envious eyes of strangers Winzip , ACDSee as shareware known under the entry fee for a high income, or even to support the operations of the entire company.
According to the media office saying sharing software among which are the loss of one, could not find a way out of the frustration and disappointment spontanément.Indéniablement comes in many foreign countries have a shared software development organizations forums and mailing lists , interactive discussion on topics Yao Zhong Jiushiruhe Xuanchuanziji sharing software, how to get more revenue, in their opinion, is Tongguogongxiangrecettes Software normal.logiciel sharing provide opening of the market model is worth exploring .
As our industry knowledge, technology commercialization and capital markets are not mature or need to be perfect, and even some are still virgins, then our software to explore an appropriate sharing of way to go, but by illegal means is not reasonable?
We must recognize, as domestic users are accustomed to enjoying the “free lunch”, undoubtedly the future development of the market resulted in a high resistance, but must have an idea that should be above board and can work under the sun, without human intervention, the user privacy can be protected, otherwise it is fraud and theft.
Otherwise, sharing software will embark on a path of no return, advertising is not it also force the installation of Trojans, it is not a virus, what is it?

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