This video will show you how to do an exploit on ANY SOURCE ENGINE BASED GAME using only a single keyboard button; that’s right! No download is required whatsoever to do this exploit, again, only a keyboard button is used. *IMPORTANT* Some people (especially those on windows 7 / vista) are having trouble getting their game window positioned right. Keep in mind that your taskbar (the bar with the start menu) CANNOT BE ABOVE YOUR GAME WINDOW FOR THIS TO WORK. If it’s sitting on top of the game window, try to disable the “taskbar always on top of other windows” option in the properties menu, or enable autohide. It may be tricky getting the game window in a spot where it will work at first, but please be patient as eventually you will find it. The footage in the video is only of Counter-Strike: Source gameplay, because due to time limitations I was unable to film other source engine games. That does not mean that it doesn’t work on other games, though. In fact, it has worked flawlessly on all other source based games I have tried it in (including gmod, tf2, and cs:s). THIS EXPLOIT WAS FOUND BY ME, HEYDOLF ITLER.BAT ON STEAM, MOOBY IN CS:S, NO ONE ELSE. Enjoy.

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