Facebook brings new emoticons for state

that best express your emotions in your posts on Facebook, you commented that the social network Mark Zuckerberg is making test using emoticons to say what you’re feeling, reading or eating. That’s right, the icons have several categories that facilitate sharing with other actions or specific moods. If you want, you can use in your messages or just the emoticon to accompany the text with the icon that best fits your mood.

use emoticons again being applied both on the website and in the mobile application Facebook. The idea is that users of the social platform more often share their states. Thus, with new icons that are being added, messages will no longer be pure text and would be more personalized.

The new feature could be a boon for advertisers, as it would be a quick way to determine the behavior of users, ie, what music they like, if you prefer to watch a movie in the cinema or at home if you like to read, what kind of book they read, if you prefer eating out, etc.. All these data are taken into account when putting ads on the Facebook page. In that case, companies would pay to advertise on the wall of the users, as this classification to be more detailed is the advantage of having better results. Thus, there is no doubt it is a great advantage for advertisers who would know and who are part of your target audience.


Regarding the latter, it is uncertain but there’s no denying that if users come to sympathize very well with the new emoticons to Facebook, do not think the company hesitate to implement improvements in advertisements directed it would be another way to make more profit for the company.

Source: Tech Crunch

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