Facebook: “Subscribe” will now be called “Follow”

Facebook has decided to rename the “Subscribe” button, which allows users to see public updates shared by other users, and soon will be renamed “Continue”. So the company seeks to avoid confusion among users as “forward” is a term most commonly used in social networks, well known on Twitter.

over a year ago that Facebook launched subscriptions to allow users who want to reach a wider audience, as artists, journalists, celebrities and politicians, share content without the need to accept friend requests. Subscribers, meanwhile, need not send applications or confirmations wait to access the posts from people who activate this feature.

“We think it is a term that resonates better with people who use the service” note on Facebook, ensuring that with the name change, all features of the button, which will now be called “Follow”, will remain equal.

So you know, do not be surprised if in the coming days see a button “follow” on the social network. It‘s only the old “Subscribe” button has been renamed, but everything else remains the same.


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