Fake Microsoft Windows Update mailing steal passwords

beware of a new scam on the Internet that pretends to be an e official Microsoft Windows Update, the service to update the Windows operating system. Analysts at the security firm Sophos have detected this new deception cybercriminals to steal email passwords.

If you receive any mail from the address [email protected] could become one of the next victims of a phishing attack. These messages pose as an official communication from Microsoft on where you are asked to verify your email account so you can update your Windows.


ask you to click a link to verify your email, which actually redirects you to another site, which is passed by Microsoft, in which warns you that your computer is at high risk and you check your account. You have to choose to connect through Gmail, Windows Live, Yahoo or AOL to verify your account and enter your password.

Of course, anything you’ve written will end up in the hands of criminals, they quickly use that information to steal personal data and even your identity. So next time you receive an email from the address [email protected] just delete it and / or denúnciala if your mail service has an option to alert on phishing attacks.

a common user may be able to pass this deception desadvertido, but it may indicate grammatical errors enough to suspect.


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