Force shutdown of a program quickly on Windows 7 Windows XP & VISTA

When a program crashes, it often becomes difficult to regain control of the program and to stop the shut down … then you just click anywhere in the hope of forcing the program to leave … only here , this results in many cases to plant totally the computerwithout that you have managed to stop the program immediately planted and recalcitrant.

Here’s a tip windows that will allow you to immediately stop a program crashed or unresponsive, without having to wait the 20 seconds that Windows gives a program to respond.

To do this, perform the following operations in any version of Windows Vista, XP or even the latest version of Windows 7 (Seven):

  1. Start Menu Start and type the command regedit in the text box below,
  2. In the window of the registry window that appears, go in subfolders: HKEY_CURRENT_USER, Control Panel, Desktop,
  3. Start the Edit menu, New, and go to Value Chain,
  4. Call the new value: WaitToKillAppTimeout,
  5. Double click on it,
  6. Enter the 2000 value in the text box: Value data,
  7. Validate all by pressing OK,
  8. You can now close the registry editor and restart your computer Windows PC .

The next time a program crashes, I do not want you, you would normally see this program will close almost instantly without having to wait until Windows closes (normally 20 secs).

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