Four favorable factors in the software industry will open up new opportunities

According to “China Securities News” reported “on the outsourcing industry to encourage and support the development of a number of political” was submitted to the State Council. Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Industry and statistics, 1-11 months, the accumulated income of the software industry in China 697,730,000,000 yuan, up 30.8%.
Last week, the software these two positive plates in unfavorable conditions, a good defensive performance.

In addition, only the United States “pull” list vice president of Neusoft party hair back and said that, as U. S. Small Business IT Department has begun to be deleted, subcontract associates, while outsourcing the main target is China, next year, the software outsourcing industry to ensure greater stabilitétaux growth rapide.L outsourcing software companies in the internal extension of time or out.

software blocks Outperform

Software section Outperform last week KDJ, MACD and many other technical indicators are hausse.blocs the software is still strong in some individual stocks have increased, including software bundle (002,063) increased 1.47%; Baosight Software (600845) rose 4.71%. however, the majority of individual stocks within the small plate, Aerospace Information (600,271) decreased 13.03% UF Software (600588) fell 7.92%, Neusoft Group (600718) fell 3.31%.

four favorable factors delaying the software industry

The State Council has proposed to develop service outsourcing international software industry combined revenues of 697.73 billion yuan, up 30.8%, the United States began the removal of small and medium-sized IT services, outsourcing services; China software services market, which accounts for nearly 90% of the demand intérieurepartager.Cette positive trend will continue to support the industry logiciel.Les software does should not only take full advantage of the huge domestic market, but also to enter the service outsourcing an important opportunity to re-layout to achieve industrial restructuring.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and execute monitoring Su-Mei, deputy director of the Coordinating Bureau of the high rate of development in the industry, including the growth of electronic information industry, are flat, show independent software industry and the growth rate remained at 30%.

period of software outsourcing critical development in the second half of the year prochaine.Les outsourcing companies Ling Qu Beijing Association, recently said that the U.S. software outsourcing business in China can be divided into two parts, one for direct orders from U.S. companies, two American companies received orders from China and are then transferred to Chinese companies terminer.Le first quarter of next year, the United States is the direct outsourcing business stagnation or a return to growth after the second half is expected to transfer orders from the United States next year, likely to increase.

In addition, political support for the software industry gâteau.Selon icing on the reports Media Authority, the Department of State to maintain stable growth of foreign trade, proposes to develop a service international subcontracting, the Suzhou Industrial Park, Advanced Policy technology services company to extend the tax to the state identified the pilot of the outsourcing base cities and park démonstration.Pendant this time , speakers stressed that “the encouragement and support outsourcing industry in China” policy should be out next year to implement.

full development of internal software market

Huge domestic market will continue to promote the development of the software industry, which makes the software section or exceeded the plaque.Ni Guangnan other than the software industry in China If you want to catch up with India to full use of the huge market intérieur.Dans the same time, said Wang Wenjing, chairman of UF Software, a huge domestic market to promote the rapid development of China’s software.


report is expected, the Chinese software services spending to reach 1.3949 trillion yuan in 2012, with a CAGR of 22% by 2020, software spending will reach 4.7212 trillion yuan . recently introduced in the country to expand domestic demand and 10 measures, there is an independent innovation and accelerate structural adjustment, to support the construction of the high-tech industry and industrial technology, support the development of sector of services.

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