Foursquare strategically joins media company

Foursquare geolocation network recently partnered with Voice Media Group . The purpose of this alliance is to provide information on the most representative of a city. The information will be listed in 50 categories and will be available only for 11 U.S. cities, specifically in the following locations: New York, Los Angeles, Denver, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, St Louis, Miami, Minneapolis, Broward / Palm Beach, Orange County.

With the new measure, users will find the best there is around your city. Now users can learn much more about music, theater, concerts, musicals, museums and many events since style=”font-size: 13px;line-height: Voice Places, magazine published by Voice Media Group, has opinions about the main restaurants, shops, bars, among other places.

alliance with the American company communications is because data has twenty of the most popular in America. The benefit you get from this company is integrated into Foursquare Places Voices advice, information, and other data. In this regard, the CEO of the company, Scott Tobias, said the company is excited about the new integration of both companies.

According to statements Jonathan Crowley, director of media partnerships at Foursquare, with this change in location platform seeks to have as many data points to make service more and more interesting and important to the user. So also looking to have some significance in the history of a city or culture because what you are doing, because information is shared with expert users and will be shared with its almost 30 million followers.

This new feature brings Foursquare, changes the way you see it. And it seems they do not want to try to say beyond a single social network but it is much more than that. Maybe this helps you to begin to forge the image based on recommendations geolocator.

Source: Foursquare.

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