Foursquare users show full name

Privacy policies on Foursquare location service signal a shift from January 28, 2013. From this date the geolocator full names shown publicly users, and shows more records available to the companies activities.

Recall that earlier, when followers were looking for their friends but their full names were to enter the profile name and last initial, which caused confusion. And as for their activities showed only the actions of the last three hours since he had accessed the service.


Among privacy changes Foursquare 2013 brings for this are explained in the policy called “Privacy 101 “, which identifies the changes easily. Also locator service spokesmen indicate that changes are part of the evolution of the service and necessary.

New privacy policies can cause concern among users and to prevent this from happening Foursquare lets his followers to make adjustments according to their freedom. For example if you do not want your real name to appear on the platform location, you can choose an alternative.

Similarly, in the case of activities, ie business information where check-ins are done, users will disable the permission for them to not look at their data, taking into account that privacy change could access more information from users.

The company hopes that with the explanation of the privacy changes not generate discomfort in users, especially considering the problem that was generated with Instagram because of confusion in his last policy change.

Source: ABC

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