Free Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition

Many Windows users use Microsoft Office just to edit and read Word and Excel files . If you’re among them, then you should know that Microsoft offers, besides suites Home, Student, Business and Professional, and Starter suite, completely free.

Microsoft Office 2010 suite blister Starter is made ​​available to OEMs by Microsoft to be included in Windows preinstalled systems. This suite contains only applications Word and Excel , specifically their two limited versions, with the following features:

  • Create and edit Word and Excel documents simple
  • Creating images and sending them newsletters
  • Managing the Family Budget
  • Writing and editing of letters
  • Opening and reading Word and Excel documents existing

Microsoft Office 2010 Starter do not require any serial (product key) to install or to use applications included, and the biggest plus of this suite is that users can create a portable version of it (open the All Programs> Microsoft Office Starter and select Office Starter To-Go Device Manager), you can store the USB stick to use it on different computers.

Download Free Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Edition

Though not a replacement for full Office 2010 suite, suite Starter can help users who can not afford buying a Microsoft Office license or deemed not necessary remaining applications are included in other suites. They recommend that before you install the Starter version to try first trial (60 days free) Office 2010 to test all sites and feature options included in this application.

Note: Office 2010 Starter is compatible only with Windows Vista and Windows 7 (does not support any XP or Windows 8 ).

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