Free PC phone synchronization messages received Email test water 3G 3rd generation

Mobile Email “BlackBerry network service” over 60 countries around the world and regions, the customer has exceeded 5 millions.Le wind has been on investment of 10 million dollars in 3G portal, try using the third generation 3G free email test water. “Daily Economic News” from the 3G portal was informed yesterday that it had launched were able to sync the phone and computer for free e-mail mailbox – 3G third generation.

It is understood that the two e-mail to send and receive messages via computer or cell phone is no problem, you can also send each other letters phone and Internet E-mail attachments download directly from the mobile phone the ability to mailboxes, 50m.Mais of the Internet itself or payer.3G Portal Dengyu President Jiang said that the mailbox portal site are essential weapons 3G era is the most favorable to important applications, it is essential for all 3G communication era.


characteristics of the first generation of simple, small capacity, and can not be collected in the subsequent page web.soutien POP client to send and receive mail, then e-mail that began with the ability to competition, and 1G capacity available for Gmail mailbox high peaked, it is the second génération.En 2006 Internet boom wireless Internet users new more wireless , mobile phone applications have become increasingly diversified, third generation launch a Email – This is a true anywhere, any mobile Mail, PC etpeut freely switch between phones mobile and free in the future, but also for the notification of an official portal message.Selon 3G, indeed, Blackberry, Mobile, China Unicom has a similar service, but needing to pay or smaller capacity. For example, the current fees Blackberry 398 yuan / month (limited flow 50MGPRS), 598 yuan / month (400MGPRS limited international roaming with 2M), part-time out of 0.01 yuan / KB.

industry is expected to become the third generation mailbox basic requirements, its introduction was triggered in a mailbox service provider email guerre.Les data show that the current global mobile users e-mail between 5 to 10 million planned for 2009, users of global mobile e-mail to 850 million dollars.À Currently, the electronic module has been gradually integrated into all major operating systems of mobile including Nokia, Samsung, LG, Microsoft, etc., a large number of handset manufacturers, software developers, mobile operators have already pieds.a the 420 million mobile phone users in the Chinese market is considered more in North America after the second world’s largest mobile messaging applications.

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