From the Windows taskbar – basis

The taskbar in Windows 2000 and XP is a powerful tool (tool), if it manage the running programs going.


Depending on your needs as a user running programs can be grouped or individually all. With the various toolbars, such as Quick Launch toolbar and address bar, the taskbar help programs to run faster or websites on the task bar directly.


With one click, it is even possible to record your own or your own favorites, with links to the taskbar.


Anyone who wants can integrate to create your own toolbars and the taskbar with.


With the taskbar, however, can still do a lot more things. So this is to assist in the arrangement of active / open windows. With one click you can display the windows side by side, Tile or Cascade or even minimize all open windows by clicking, so you again have free view to the desktop.


Who knows you how late it is or would forget what day we have who can make themselves show the time and date.


Continuously running programs, like anti-virus programs, Internet telephony or ISDN monitors programs on which one does not need constant access can be represented as a small icon.


If the taskbar at the bottom of the monitor does not like it, can easily move the task bar at the top, left or right margins can hide them when not using simple.


The Windows taskbar and provides the user a high degree of flexibility, there are also numerous Internet tools that improve the appearance and functionality and expand.

To 1: In this section you will find the start button (button) of the Windows taskbar. From here you reach all other installed programs, applications and system programs.


At 2: Superimposed Quick Start – toolbar can be started quickly with the help of programs, all windows resources to a click can be reduced and so the bar can meet your desire to be staked.


For 3: Display of active and open programs. This area is used for faster navigation through the open applications.


To 4: Symbol of the active area in the background running programs and services. This area can be affected is limited.


Item 5: Display of Clock and date. Can you display will not need them or disturb you, you can turn this simple.


More to the various options and settings can be found on the undersides of the taskbar.

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