General wave software products – Overview of industry traffic

recent years, with the flow of the continuous deepening of reform and the market economy, continuous improvement of our business in the traffic management, marketing concepts and other major changes place. business conditions of large grocery stores, quickly turned into stores, supermarkets, mass merchandisers, membership warehouse stores, shops, department stores, shopping centers and other retail formats in detail, forms of business organizations from a single monomer development of The Body Shop chain at the same time forming the main line distribution supply chain for new social realities.

current tide Guoqiang version follows closely the functioning of the industry and the management of the internal circulation of the evolution of the real needs of companies around the circulation at the end of our years of development, experience of implementation, and draw and absorb domestic and foreign advanced management ideas of the foundation of good software development of advanced methods and tools, developed a new generation of systems management information.

flow wave of Guo-Qiang is a commercial edition for movement between different types of retail systems management information, is the general term for a family of software products, including:

Supermarket Edition: For convenience stores, supermarkets, general merchandise store in warehouse stores
Edition: For specialty stores, shops, department stores, Shopping
Version: suitable for shopping mall;
String Edition: For channels of distribution networks;
Medical Sciences: Application to the pharmaceutical chain, pharmaceutical wholesale, retail and distribution network.

1. Basic module

system maintenance ● ● ● System control center data
Price Management Inventory Management ● ● ● sales management
● ● ● Inventory management compensation accounting property management
Information Manager Survey ● ● ● POS management sales forecast

Modules 2. Additional

Member of the Executive

● ● ● Financial Management interface card
● Management Project Management Business Analysis ● ● contract

Software Environment

Server OS: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Unix SCO
Database: Sybase

The client computer system Operating Windows: English Windows 95/98/2000, NT Workstation, Windows NT or
Windows + Chinese Environment support in Spanish

Circulation Edition

Industry Characteristics of the product:

system is based on the “flow of goods, based on the basic financial management, the management of a single product, which is the purchase price for management, decision support thinking design” The system has advanced, convenient, reliable and open.
● monitor customer needs, track information technologies and continue to learn new management ideas, fully reflects the strong features and a perfect combination of high technology. Used in the development process of object-oriented (OO) with the latest technology and real benefits for customers.
● For modern society movement centered on the customer, the purchase and distribution of the operating characteristics designed to meet the needs of users of the system management.
● complete method of accounting of the purchase price, operability, error correction and strong, able to adapt to user education different.
● products directly into account the financial accounts, business data action, multiple input references.
● system data, the report can be converted into a variety of data formats, and Word, Excel tightly integrated.
● excellent service, whether our own partners or employees, each year putting in a lot of training and practice to reach the friendly and attentive service to its clients, professional and effective.

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