German software giant SAP negotiation offers the Swiss company SAF

The Associated Press reported that German software giant SAP SAF want to buy the Swiss company (full name: Analysis of simulation predictions of the Swiss company) is doing an offer, make it possible to purchase by € 11.5 action.Cette time the Company acquired Taegerwilen not understand.

Switzerland SAF company employs more than 100, the main project is the plant control system detail, and R & D forecasting software.

the German company SAP said: “It is a process of long and successful partnership, the reason for the acquisition of companies in addition to the SAF SAF believes R & D company, we in the commercial and industrial sectors of the software is very promising. “SAF CEO Andreas von Beringe also said in a statement,” The acquisition will further promote the exchange of technology and development. “

side acquisitions in SAP said Friday’s closing, the stock agent under a bonus of 9.5 points pourcentage.SAP does not provide total supply, but promised major shareholders retain FAS 38 % of shares.

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