Google Docs as an accomplice spam

Spam-machine has always been in the use of various means of proving how creative they yes, and as a victim of spam, we’ve seen that all types of spam, such as photos Ge Shi PDF format, or MP3 format, and now spammers have a look at Google Docs, they found that Google can easily cheat the system spam filtering.

spammers will spam all know to JPG or Word. Doc to send as an attachment has been shown that the success rate is very low, even if it is not directly linked mailbox Send a link to his interest in lad’assurance, but consumes more spam URL Bei still see through, Yin Wei Yi Ban junk mail filtering system is well contained in a message Jinxingjiancha URL address once abducted by men suspected Qiangta.

through the use of Google Docs, spammers have to get a trusted name Google, because until now there is no spam filtering system is the Google Web site to eliminate spam MessageLabs senior anti-spam United UniMatt Sergeant, said: “It’s the spammers who want to see.” Matt Sergeant is in Google Docs are operated by mail, he said: “Now is an effective way to remove pourrielsUtilisez URL blacklist, but if Google URL contains the words, it does not cause any suspicion. “

Because Google Docs to be included in the “, if you want to avoid spam, this address may be disabled, but the sergeant said that the situation is likely to occur because Google plans to create Google Docsdocuments business in a standard platform, which allows you to disable the program meets big impact.

Gartner research director Peter Firstbrook said: “One clear that Google Docs spam is to check the IP address of the sender, the sender IP address based on credit scoring to determine whether or not withdraw, that I can think of only way aton. “

In addition, there is no other way is it? method or a few, that is, Google Docs will not again be made dynamic HTML pages 一样, spammers can be a powerful link link a malicious Web site to Google Docs page, then click on them to attract victims, but they are not like the web page so that you can directly IFrames, malicious JavaScript code embedded in.

Firstbrook said that spam is likely to be because manufacturers should take the trouble to register Google Docs account and abandon the method 制造 spam like Google to take an effective way to prevent automatic recording of accounts if they use Google Docs account to be blocked, they will use the method of recording manuel.Et this is probably a very large workload.

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