Google makes a new “Smartphone” with Motorola

Internet giant Google with Motorola is working on the creation of a “smartphone”, by now called Phone X as infiltrated information. If this is true, then the search would be betting popular again in the manufacture of mobile devices, coming more to the business of hardware manufacturing.

August 2011 Google bought Motorola and now the step of creating hardware is critical to its early foray into the world of mobile technology, taking into account that Google was thinking later work in the creation of a Tablet.

Within software Google is dominating the market with its Android operating system, but in the field of hardware just highlights, which would explain the decision you are taking. For only thus could become a competitor in the mobile device market.

is expected that this new attempt of Google, in relation to mobile phone, not as challenged as it happened with the first smartphone Motorolas Razr, launched in September 2012 under his guidance.

Source: ABC

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