Google makes its pension payment system Google Checkout

Google announced the retirement of its Office payment service Google Checkout will be replaced by Google Wallet offering payment and electronic wallet group (which is also at the heart of supply NFC payment of the Mountain View company).

Launched in June 2006, Google Checkout was the first alternative to Paypal developed by Google. But the admission of the company, Google Wallet is better suited to deal with a multi-screen world needs where customers have their shopping in stores, from their office or from their mobile device.

To facilitate the transition, Google says have enriched the API of Google Wallet to make the easiest platform to integrate with e-commerce sites. The editor has added a feature called Instant Buy API to provide an experience to customers for prompt payment of websites, and a second called Wallet Objects API that allows merchants to set up systems for retention, promotion, …

Payment via Google Checkout will continue to be available until November 20, 2013. Google says it will hold a live webinar Thursday, May 23 to present in detail the evolution of the offer of payment as well as its migration strategy.

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