Google Plus Hangout

Hangout Google Plus is the group video chat tool of Google‘s social network, which allows up to 10 people at a time anywhere in the world. This service is becoming stiff competition for other products, such as Skype, for its ease of use and the many features it offers. Then you know all the possibilities that come with hangout.


How does Google Plus hangout?

The person who initiates a “meeting” or hangout is hosting the session and can invite others to join or circles. Each user must have in your computer a webcam and microphone to see and communicate with the other participants, but also can invite people to join by phone.

The person speaking will automatically be in the center of the screen and the other guests appear in a smaller window in the bottom of the screen. Participants can see videos of Yotube all at once, edit documents, share their screen, send files, take notes, play together and even spend jokes with special effects.


Features a Google+ hangout

Google+ video chat service has a lot of useful features and applications for personal and business use, to increase and improve with time. Then we know the main features:

1. Automatic switching in the main window:

The main screen is the chat conversation and immediately changes to show in front view who is speaking.

2. Text chat:

can send instant text messages to everyone in the hangout using the chat tool. An especially useful feature for sending technical indications without interrupting voice and video conversation.

Chat Text

3. Mute the microphone and / or video:

Want your contacts do not see or hear for a moment? You can lock your microphone and your webcam easily, you can also mute the audio and video of another participant.

To mute your microphone

: click the microphone icon as in the top right. No one can hear you until you turn on the microphone again.


To mute your video: Click on the camera icon as in the top right. No one can see you until you return to activate the video.

To Your video mute

To mute the microphone of another participant: Place your mouse cursor over the thumbnail of that person and click the microphone button that appears. Please note that guest will receive a message informing the notification bar has been muted and you can re-enable the audio.


4. Set audio and video:

can adjust the settings of your web camera, microphone, sound and network connection by clicking the nut shaped icon located at the top right of the screen hangout.

Setting audio and video

5. Share Screen:

can share your desktop screen or another active window with hangout participants, so they can see everything you do in real time. It is a useful tool for collaborative work, you can show the applications and files from your computer quickly and even hangout own applications.

To share your screen

follow these steps: Click on the “Share Screen” in the left sidebar of the screen and choose whether you want to share your desktop or a window, click on “Share” and ready. To stop sharing just click again on the same button.

share screen

6. Invitations by phone:

can also invite other participants to join via a phone call, once you start the hangout. Although not a feature that is available in all countries, Google says it is working to expand this service.

7. Mobile Applications:

If you have a mobile device Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile can use the application for and use Google+ hangouts to communicate with your friends in a video chat session. Check here the requirements and download the application.

Applications mobile

8. Hangouts Live (Hangout On Air):

This is one of the most powerful tools of Google+, which is now available for all users. You can use it to broadcast anything live and reach an unlimited audience worldwide. It’s like a TV show broadcast live and direct, only now everyone has the same opportunity.

works much like the private hangout, the host and guests nine participants can interact via audio and video, and other spectators can follow the conversation by Google+ page or Youtube channel of the creator, and leave comments. Hosts can see how many people are viewing transmission and once you finish the session immediately saved to the YouTube channel.

have used figures like Obama and the Dalai Lama to communicate with his followers, so are using artists to spread their talents and businesses for conferences.

Applications Extras

Hangout Google Plus

Once you start a hangout, your friends and you can use various applications that add extra functionality to the chat session. There are applications teamwork to share files, view presentations, and others for fun and games, the effects and the ability to watch videos together. These are the main ones:

1. Google Drive:

can share documents from your Google Drive and edited in conjunction with hangout participants.

<strong>Google</strong> Drive to hangout

Applying Google

Drive also offers two tools: a whiteboard to create new documents with a simple web search useful next, and blog for taking notes.

slate hangout

2. Youtube:

Through this application you can find and share YouTube videosde all in the chat room. As a normal conversation can continue using the microphones for comment and even observe all that have shared a Youtube playlist.

application youtube

So you see a Youtube video sharing:

videos hangout on youtube

3. SlideShare:

Find and share presentations with your guests the hangout. Share the screen to the other video chat participants see the same document.

application slideshare to hangout

4. Google Effects:

funniest encourage application talks. You can add sounds, hats, mustaches, hats and other costumes.


5. Games:

There are several games available to play together, including Panoramio, which challenges you to find a place in the world through images and maps from Google Maps.


There are also

strategy games like WarLight and more.

games strategy

6. Discover more apps:

If you see any of these applications on your hangout or want to try other, just click on “+ Add Application” on the left sidebar of the screen and adds many as you want.

Advice and tips

  • Remember that although you can invite many people and very wide circle of friends, only 10 people can participate at most, including the host. Once this limit is reached, and anyone else you want to participate will receive a notification that will alert you that is full hangout.
    • Check the system requirements to avoid technical problems.


  • Be careful with people you invite to participate, and that your guests can invite other people and you can not take anyone video chat session. The only choice you will face some uncomfortable situation is to leave the chat or block that person.

    • sure to check out the article “How to use Google Plus Hangout




best hangout is that their applications are integrated into the system, so there really is no need to install anything. And compared to other video chat services like Skype, you have to pay to talk to several people at once, as this service is entirely free. There are also the hangout Live , a powerful tool to start your own broadcasts worldwide.

Although, of course, the hangout not a perfect tool, still lacks some features such as the ability to record the chat sessions, and one of the main fears generated is that your guests can invite other people to participate without that you can control this option, so you can lose privacy.

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