GPS products are expected during the year fell to 1,000 yuan


research firm CCID Consulting, China has cooked GPS navigation map installed electronics in the field after the first position report – “The first quarter of 2006 to 2007, after China installed GPS navigation map electronic monitoring software market. “Kay Rucker, spiritual, round after round of post-installed GPS common denominator of the first three. Companies from Shenzhen Kay Rucker market five consecutive years sales in the first quarter.

The report shows that the first quarter of 2007, the GPS market, compared to an increase of 294.9 percent over the same period last year, mainly due to the rapid expansion of manufacturing capacity equipment software and upgrade continuously depending on the card.

Kay Rucker told reporters that the person in charge, the current price of GPS 3.5 inch screen yuan in 2000, Kay Rucker will join forces this year, many industry-leading manufacturers GPS equipment to further improve the integration of resources, cost control, and gradually pull down prices for the year reached 1,000 yuan in the GPS market, the flash point of promoting the popularity of GPS on the market.

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