Graduates certified hired: the well-oiled machine for training in networks

Since 2001, nearly 100,000 people in France were trained in arcane networks, routing, switching, via the NAC device deployed by Cisco. An example of partnership with higher education and high schools, but also with the world of retraining. The result of which is measured by the business opportunities it provides.

The Luminy campus of the University of Aix-Marseille, next summer, more than a hundred students curriculum networks and telecommunications (Tray 2 at IUT in 5 tray to Faculty of Science) will graduate and certified technicians and network administrators. Hear: Recognized able to deploy, program, maintain, troubleshoot and secure enterprise networks. All potential recruits in the fall, if you believe the statistical monitoring of teachers. “At the master level, 100% are placed within six months, and for pro licenses between 70% and 100% – according specials – within twelve months,” says Roland Depeyre, associate lecturer. Given the 110 students of networks department of the IUT, a large majority continues studies, these are some 200 students this year, took advantage of the curriculum (280 hours officially, 60 hours of practical work) in the public-private partnership designed and maintained by Cisco under the heading of Cisco Networking Academy (CNA).

The same scenario is being repeated in 2001 on the campus of Luminy, pioneer NAC France. That, through this partnership, and because of its status as a national relay within the Cisco device (Regional Academy), hosted the training of trainers (other universities, colleges or engineering schools) but also expanded its offer training. With personnel trained for, including those of the Transportation Authority of Marseille, France Telecom, Spie or local authorities (through a partnership with the General Council of Bouches-du-Rhône).

An adaptable educational content

That is precisely the strength of the device deployed by Cisco same educational content, forming the arcane theoretical and practical networks, routing, switching. Available – even -. To students “Originally, the course rather than the targeted level technician, minimum tank 2. We now offer students second or first professional sectors. Similarly, the program supports the changing needs of the market with a safety flap “specialization, says Christophe Dolinsek, responsible, since its inception in 2000, the NAC in France. A more adaptable to diverse audiences of all content ( initial or continuing training), its implementation is certainly facilitated by the provision of Cisco equipment, but can also be applied to other hardware manufacturers. And most importantly, it is left wide academic freedom for teachers / trainers. What up, at the same time, possible objections to interference too supported a supplier in the organization of courses.

Or a locked program: “This is not a product training,” asserts does on all sides. Or frozen: “Since 2001, each new version, the content has evolved into a more interactive,” says Tin Nguyen, a lecturer at the Technical University of Aix-Marseille (networks and telecom department) and coordinator of the Regional Academy NAC. Hybrid e-learning, so as framed and leaving much room for the assimilation of the basic concepts that simulation and manipulation of hardware and software in a real context. “We will make sure, whatever the public formed,” says the teacher. No matter – he provides – to validate a certification preparation (4 levels introduction to basic concepts of networking, CCNA) without the obligatory passage through practice.

Obvious to Jouffroy Alexander, 31, whose conversion after a short military career, went through the preparation of a BTS maintenance and IT support to Cesi (training alternating) Arras, together with training Cisco (CCNA) over four semesters. This has led, two years later, after a redundancy and a test passage solo computer status to assert acquired and certified skills to find a job. And if, in his current job at Scasicomp, integrator of storage, backup and archiving, business customer support leads to the particular work on the storage part, the achievements of hours spent on the “packet trace” of Cisco (infrastructure network simulator) is a useful background.

A community of practice

In addition, if for partner institutions and their students access to the content is free NAC is still through a well framed partnership, including monitoring quality trainers. Or a total of a program leading to a professional certification (without obligation to pass the certification exam), which serves as a reference to the sphere of “pro” of the network (the competing manufacturers included), and is, therefore, a real visa for employment.

Especially since, according to Christophe Dolinsek the evolution of the device now includes resellers and business partners likely to hire experts networks. Employers who, logically, are motivated by the fact that they find a pool formed, without having had to pay a few thousand euros can cost the preparation of a network technician or engineer to certification. “We tried to loop all the opportunities,” said the official. Days of “speed dating” recruitment specialist jobs site (under “jobs” of portal) for more support media for international exchanges: all means are good to maintain the effect ” community of practice. ” Including for teachers. “Cisco provides the infrastructure. The backbone, are trainers and users of NAC have improved all over the years, “says Christophe Dolinsek.

26,000 people trained in 2011

The wide deployment of the program also certify. With this year, new rallies partners “rather on the side of continuing education,” said the official. Since 2001, date of its launch in France, four years after the United States, almost all concerned IUT (networks departments) have joined the system, and 90% of university courses within the specialty, 75 vocational schools , fifteen engineering colleges, ten schools under Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the school officers of the Air Force and, more recently, the army land, and 53 centers of vocational training network AFPA. The Cisco team, including Christopher Dolinsek, who participated in the consultation for the revision of BTS SIO (IT Services organizations) buckled in 2011, 100% of these two courses tray now provide the CNA training. In total, some 500 teachers and trainers, distributed in 317 schools are in the circuit. Who relayed the program to 26,000 “learners” in 2011, an effective increase of 17% compared to 2010. Three-quarters of the students, including a two went to certification, are convinced (by 73% of respondents to a Harris Interactive survey conducted last June-July 1492 with them) that this training easy (or easier) their employability.

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