Hidden Themes of Windows 7

Windows 7 has several themes that you can activate by default .. but did you know that there are some that are hidden and can reveal a trick? Here’s how to activate hidden themes of Windows 7

You like to regularly change the theme of your Windows 7 and have a new office, new icons? Well this tip is for you as we will show you how to enable hidden themes in Windows 7 yet so real in the system …

  1. Open the menu ” Start “and select” Computer “
  2. Go to the C drive of your computer,
  3. Find the C: \Windows winsxs,
  4. Once you are in this folder, in the search box, type this: “*. Theme”
  5. You will see new themes are called: ZA, U.S., GB, CA, AU
  6. Select event by double clicking and you can activate them.

Why Microsoft has hidden themes in Windows 7? I do not know too much to say, but anyway this trick is very useful and helps unlock the hidden themes in Windows 7.

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