How close a program that is not responding in Windows?

Sometimes certain programs “plant” as it is commonly said, and therefore do not respond. You wait patiently beautiful but your program is completely blocked and in some cases can slow down completely while the operating system. We will see how close a program that is not responding to you unlock this and allow you to continue to use your computer without having to make forced restart that may cause data loss on your current documents.

1. Open Task Manager

At first you must open the “Task Manager” which contains the list of applications, processes, services and other information.

For this is you right click on your taskbar then you click “Task Manager” like this (if you still have control of the mouse):

Or either you simultaneously press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard which will bring you to this screen (for Windows Vista and 7):

Then click “Open Task Manager“.

Your task manager will now be open.
2. End Task

In the first tab “Applications” in the Task Manager window locate the program that does not respond (I ate here the example of the Mozilla Firefox web browser).
Select the program in question with your mouse then click “End Task” as below:

Eventually you’ll definitely see a window like below informing you that your program is not responding, then click on “End Now”:

Your application does not meet needs now to be closed. Use this method only if a program is blocked.

Note: If the application in question continues to freeze after you have the restart try a clean uninstall with Revo Uninstaller and then reinstall it there afterwards. You can also ask us about our forum if problem persists.

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