How e-mail archiving

As email has become the world outside the exchange within the company, as the main way of exchanging information, email archiving to solve a number of fast-growing e-mail the the most effective solution, while the electronic archiving is that companies achieve regulatory compliance filing Bixumianduiproblèmes.


archiving messages currently on the market save as archiving e-mail, and practice, e-mail data is used for e-mail archiving, backup, management, conservation and long-term access and récupération.Elles are essentially the application of huge amounts of data, so any move data efficiently, data Dang Tingzhigaibian or not Pi frequently used hours, Tong Guo software Youjianguidang EEA and transferred them to a document so that Ri Chang Cun Beifenchuangkou Wai DangSi necessary, you can quickly find and get the data requises.conformité company e-mail and application of rules achieve a high degree of integration, centralization, and allows monitoring capabilities in real time.

So what is the message archive? How to archive e-mail? We conducted interviews society Messagesolution.Ils e-mail archiving software for the EEA as an example to understand how e-mail archiving.

First, the classification can be performed based archiving different email, instant archiving, archiving regular public folders can be archived.

Instant access to e-mail archiving is filing an immediate, when the letters were sent or received, they can receive e-mail and archived online instant messaging.

ordinary file, depending on the daily, weekly, or specific electronic archive to configure time and can define the size of the archive e-mail and its attachments, and can recover the deleted messages.

EEA also provides the public folder mail archiving function, used to share the storage company announcement.

At the same time, users can manage their own mailbox, you can delete attachments from e-mail and reduce the content of the news, you can set the date of filing, handling e-mail is valide.Les group administrators can also manage mailboxes, can follow different requirements, the management group categories such as e-mail group sales management, financial management, e-mail group .

spam filter to delete the archive is in the filtering can be achieved, there is need to archive email archiving e-mail box in the archive mailbox, the user can view all the files have been archived and can be downloaded to a local or shared with other boxes.

In addition, e-mail archiving can also be performed in accordance with the path, file size and date of archiving e-mail sauvegarde.Une time the need to find a message has been archived, you can search the archives for e-mail functionality to achieve, choosing the theme, message content, attachments and keywords, sender or recipient, the message of ‘Da Xiao, file extension, the date of the message, message Lei Xinget other property related to e-mail one or more of these parameters to quickly obtain the desired message.

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